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Saturday, 29 December 2007

하늘만큼 땅만큼 / By Land and Sky

하늘만큼 땅만큼 / By Land and Sky

Suk Ji Soo is a kindhearted and thoughtful woman caring about the harmony of her family. Jeong Mu Young struggles through many troubles and forgivness within his family. He doesn't really like his father because he was born due to his father's affair with another woman. Ji Soo and Mu Young's family in this drama are complete opposites...her family is happy while his family is not. Eun Ha is a girl with a cheerful personality and perfect skin with no wrinkles. She thinks importantly of people's relationships and puts much effort into everything she does to make her family happy. The drama will be focusing on different family problems faced in modern day society.


* Han Hyo Joo as Suk Ji Soo
* Park Hae Jin as Jeong Mu Young
* Hong Soo Ah as Yoon Eun Ha
* Suh Joon Young as Song Ji Min
* Choi Won Young as Jang Young Min

Extended Cast

* Yoon Hae Young as Park Myeong Su
* Hong Yo Seob as Suk Jong Hoo (Ji Soo's father)
* Kang Jung Hwa as Yoon Eun Joo
* Lee Joo Hyun as Kim Sang Hyun
* Jung Ae Ri as Park Myeong Ja (Sang Hyun's mother)
* Jung Han Yong as Kim Tae Sik (Sang Hyun's father)
* Seo Jae Kyung as Suk Ji Wong (Ji Soo's brother)
* Kim Il Woo as Park Myeong Tae
* Kim Ja Ok as Ahn Hye Kyung (Eun Ha's and Eun Joo's mother)
* Jung Dong Hwan as Yoon Jae Doo (Eun Ha's and Eun Joo's father)
* Ban Hyo Jung as Han Bong Rye (Myeong Ja's mother)
* Jung Jae Soon as Lee Soon Im (Myeong Ja's step-mom)
* Lee Hye Sook as Jin Sook (Mu Young biological mother)
* Han Jin Hee as Young Min's father



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Friday, 21 December 2007


Lee Yoon-ho(Jeong Il-woo), a motorcycle mania who engages in many fights at school and is known for his high kick, and Lee Min-ho(Kim Hye-seong) who enjoys spending time on scale models and web blogs, are brothers born a year apart but attending the same class at school. These two portray completely opposite Korean teenage characters in a comical way. And of course, there’s the rest of the family. Their father(Jeong Joon-ha), a full-time stock investor since being laid-off from work, nevertheless optimistic and reckless; their mother(Park Hae-mi), an oriental medicine doctor and always overly confident; their grandfather(Lee Soon-jae), who loves money more than anything in the world; their grandmother(Nah Mun-hee), who is always defeated by her daughter-in-law in ongoing status quarrels, are some of them. Their uncle Lee Min-yong(Choi Min-yong) is a 27-year-old single dad. After going through a premature marriage and early divorce, he enjoys his life back in the dating scene with his half-single and half-married status, while continuing to encounter emotionally-involved moments with his ex-wife Shin Ji(Shin Ji) at times. Smooth High Kick! is a situation comedy, which portrays the everyday lives of the main characters colliding with each other in a comical way. However, at a certain point, the surprising mysteries of their seemingly-normal surrounding characters begin to unravel one by one.

Director: Kim-Byeong-uk; Writer:Song-Jea-Jung; Starring :Jeong Il-woo, Kim Hye-seong

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Princess Hours II

This is a story about communication.

Communication between friends, between men and women, between parents and children, between monarchs and subjects, between teachers and students...

Based on the premise that Korea is a constitutional monarchy led by a queen, “Prince Hours” opens a new chapter in fusion fantasy historical drama. It seeks to explore in depth the idea of communication between people, as well as the repercussions of a breakdown in such communication.

By introducing a protagonist from a simple, working-class background to palace life, the show endeavors to find common ground for communication that begins at vastly differing eye levels.

If there are no “perfectly parallel” lines in the world, all lines must surely meet someday; conveying the hope for this future “intersection” is the new yet familiar objective of “Prince Hours.”

Starring:Hwang In-Roi,Lee Jae-soon,Seven, Huh Yi-jae

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Pretty Insun

Love doesn’t judge.Some say that we live in the era of narcissism, because people have their say in everything these days thanks to the widespread use of the Internet and communication as well as political and social freedom. There are always people on the street using their mobile phones and talking busily to someone. Blogs and personal Web sites have also been developing rapidly. Everybody is the main character nowadays. But despite the abundance of communication, people these days are more lonesome than ever because everybody is talking only about themselves -- about their wounds being larger than the wounds of others and about their needs being more urgent than other people’s needs. Everybody claims that they are the best and the most lonely. But nobody listens to them. In the end, we all think that we are treated unfairly. The greater access we have to communication the more lonesome we feel. That is the downside of the era of narcissism in the 21st century.

Can you throw a stone at her?
There is a woman who was abandoned by her mother as soon as she was born and was raised by her impoverished grandmother. She also served a sentence for accidentally killing someone while in high school. She has the worst credentials to live in this merciless world, and people easily stigmatize her as a “sinner.” But who doesn’t have sins? And what credentials can be better than hers from the standpoint of people who have money and power? What does a “sin” mean to humans? Who will dare to throw stones at her?

Beatifull Days

Starring:Jeon Ye-seo, Park Grina, Choi Kyu-hwan, Kim Tae-ho
Director:Jeon Chang-keun
Writer :Hong Young-hee, Lee Sang-min

This drama depicts the desperate hopes and love of people of the 1970s, when the majority of families had four children. The true-to-life characters and the humorous language they use add fun to the drama. It is an opportunity to meet with your down-to-earth and well-familiar neighbors and receive vitality from them. None of the drama’s characters is particularly successful, and this is not a story of their success. Through the four siblings, who were born in a marketplace, grew up there, left it in the quest for a better life but eventually returned, this drama sends a message of strong family ties and reconciliation

新현모양처 / New Wise Mother, Good Wife

Episodes: 10 * Broadcast network: MBC
Kim Ho Jin will play Heo Myung Pil, an elite newspaper reporter but an immature and irresponsible husband. Kang Sung Yun will play Gyung Gook Hee, a bright and valiant wife.

Along with the two, Kim Tae Yeon will play Lim Tae Ran who is a successful scenario writer who possesses both fortune and fame, she is considered an ideal female figure in today's society, and Kim Nam Jin will play the college student, Seok Doo, who receives the love of many wives.

Cast* Kim Ho Jin as Heo Myung Pil
* Kang Sung Yun as Gyung Gook Hee
* Kim Nam Jin as Park Seok Doo
* Kim Tae Yeon as Im Tae Ran

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

내 곁에 있어 / By My Side

Genre: Romance ; Broadcast network: MBC

Choi Myung Gil portrays Jang Seon Hee, a heartless mother, who abandoned her two young children and her husband, Seo Jun Suk (Kim Gab Soo). The young brother, (Park Jong Min), and sister, Seo Eun Joo (Lee Yoon Ji) grew up hating her for what she did. Seo Eun Joo works as a nurse while Seon Hee's second husband, Moon Yong Gi, (Im Chae Moo) is a doctor.

Lee Yoon Sub (Kim Jung Wook) is a student of a top university and he dislikes people calling him a house-helper's kid because his mom is one. Yoon Sub and Eun Joo are in love with each other. Because of his kindheartedness and maturity, he always tries to 'heal' Eun Joo's wounds and stands by her in times of need. Their love is challenged when Choi Dong Gun, the doctor whom Eun Joo is working for falls for her.

Park Sang Min plays Choi Dong Gun, a plastic surgery doctor, who is competent although he's an orphan and is the object of one-sided affection from Moon Ji Ye (Kim Jung Min), Eun Joo's half-sister. He falls in love with Eun Joo instead, causing a rivalry between the two half-sisters.

It's the story of one family that is divided into two on it's sense of family value and the selfishness of one woman who causes the love and hate between them.

Choi Myung Gil as Jang Seon Hee,Im Chae Moo as Moon Yong Gi ,Lee Yoon Ji as Seo Eun ,
Kim Jung Wook as Lee Yoon Sub ,Kim Jung Min as Moon Ji Ye ,Park Sang Min as Dong Gun
Park Jong Min as Eun Joo's brother ,Kim Gab Soo as Seo Jun Suk ,Geum Bo Ra

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

얼마나 좋길래 / How Much Love?

Genre: Romance, Episodes: about 30, Broadcast network: MBC

What happens when a rich girl who hasn't suffered much hardships falls in love with a poor guy who has to shoulder just about everything that seems most unfortunate in the eyes of everyone. No one can predict how much determination is needed to overcome their differences or how much love is needed to the overcome all the oncoming trials of their everyday lives.

Cast* Kim Ji Hoon as Suh Dong-Soo
* Jo Yuh Jung as Lee Sun-Joo
* Yoon Se Ah as Lee Hae-Joo
* Jung Chan as Oh Hyung-Chul

식객 / Shikgaek/Gourmet

* Also known as: Trencherman * Episodes: 24 * Broadcast network: MBC
* Broadcast period: 2008-Mar-12 to 2008 * Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)

Sung Chan is a talented cook. He peddles food from his truck all over the country to discover the best and precious traditional Korean cuisines.

Cast* Kim Rae Won as Sung Chan
* Nam Sang Mi as Jin Soo
* Won Ki Joon as Min Woo
* Kim So Yun as Joo Hee

Extended Cast * Kwon Oh Joong
* Choi Jae Kwon as Sung Shik Gaek (Sung Chan's friend)

Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Director: Andrew Lau (HK)
Starring: Jung Woo-sung, Jeon Ji-hyun
Genre: Action
Released:23 Feb 2006

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

사랑에 미치다 Also known as: Crazy for You

Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: SBS

Suh Jin Young is an aviation maintenance technician and her husband passed away due to a traffic accident. Kim Chae Joon dreams to become an aviation pilot but he encounters an unfortunate accident. Chae Joon goes to prison for accidently killing a man in a car accident. The man happens to be Jin Young's husband. Jin Young and Chae Joon develop a love relationship.

Yoon Kye Sang as Kim Chae Joon
Lee Mi Yun as Suh Jin Young
Kim Eun Joo as Jo Min Hee
Lee Jong Hyuk as Hyun Chul
Extended Cast

Yoo Tae Joon as Jae Hoon (Jin Young's husband)
Lee Kyung Jin as Jae Hoon's mother
Song Jae Ho as Jae Hoon's father

Monday, 3 December 2007

커플브레이킹 / Couple Breaking

Episodes: 4 Broadcast network: CHCGV

Park Kwang Hyun
Park Han Byul
Kim Ji Suk
Jung Da Hye

Sunday, 2 December 2007

직장연애사 / Company Love

Genre: Romance Episodes: 8 Broadcast network: OCN

This drama is about lovers in the office.

Shin Lee
Ok Joo Hyun
Kim Ji Woo
Jung Joon Ha
Kim In Soo

Saturday, 1 December 2007

뉴하트 / New Heart

Broadcast network: MBC Broadcast period: 2007-Dec-12 to 2008
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)

This drama will be about the growth and sufferings of the heart surgeons who work in the thoracic surgery department. Lee Eun Sung graduated from a newly established medical school in the provinces. He applies for a job at the hospital and has high hopes of becoming a great doctor. Nam Hye Suk graduated at top of her medical school. She is an absolute fundamentalist but starts to show her humane side once she gets to know Eun Sung. Choi Kang Gook is the new head of the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

Ji Sung as Lee Eun Sung
Kim Min Jung as Nam Hye Suk
Lee Ji Hoon
Jo Jae Hyun as Choi Kang Gook

Extended Cast
Kim Jun Ho
Sung Dong Il