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Monday, 8 October 2012

Lee Min Ho starred The Faith: Great Doctor Korean Drama

The Faith: Great Doctor Korean Drama

After rolled as young bourgeois selfish but true lovers in Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste handsome architect, secret agent gunman in City Hunter, Lee Min Ho did not stop to explore the acting. Min Ho always start new projects with character acting and a different kind of series. Satisfied tested contemporary drama to the style action, Lee Min Ho has now switched to drama saeguk or drama series set in the historical past of The Faith: Great Doctor that you can see from 10 September every Monday and Tuesday at 20:05 pm at a special channel and KDrama Kpop: ONE.

LEE MIN HO The Faith: Great Doctor Korean Drama

LEE MIN HO The Faith: Great Doctor Korean Drama

Playing in the historical drama series project apparently had long coveted the man was born June 22, 1987. Secretly actor who has been nicknamed "the king of the ad" was a fan of the serial genre history. "I'm a fan of historical drama, and always wanted to take the opportunity to be in it," he admits. Thus, the opportunity to play in the series The Faith: Great Doctor did not want to waste. Especially when looking at the range of playwright and director, the duo Kim Jong Rights and Song Ji Na gush previously successful series The Legend (2007), one of the favorite historical serial Lee Min Ho. "An honor to be working with a great director and scenario writer. I find the story very interesting. I immediately read the sixth episode of the scenario script constantly so accept it, " he said excitedly.

What kind of stories and characters played Lee Min Ho in The Faith: Great Doctor Korean Drama series? "The story about the character that I play, the knight of the kingdom of Goryeo, General Choi Young with a doctor from the modern world that wants to save a princess and having teleportation to the Goryeo dynasty," he said. "We are currently doing an outdoor shoot, and I'm very excited," said Min Ho.

In the photos on the set, change the appearance of Lee Min Ho for his role as Choi Young, Goryeo dynasty army, enough to attract attention. Lee Min Ho who is familiar with the style look trendy and fashionable clothing modern haircuts must now adjust to his role. He had to wear robes royal army costume Korea Goryeo dynasty complete with sword weapon. Min Ho hairstyle ever modern style are now to be made with a piece longish bit messy. But do not be sad, it did not reduce the beauty of a Min-ho, too! Lee Min Ho even looks dashing while doing a scene with a horse riding knight robes amid guyura rain. Clearly, the action of Lee Min Ho in The Faith: The Great Doctor would make the fans curious and more in love with Lee Min Ho.

The Faith: Great Doctor which premiered in Korea in August 2012 as many as 24 episodes and will be aired ONE channel, First and Exclusive in Asia from 10 September every Monday and Tuesday at 20:05 pm It also presents a row of other top players are acting worth the wait. ONE can be watched via Indovision ch. 164, Groovia ch. 507 and Centrin TV ch. 143.

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