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Monday, 29 October 2012


My Daughter My Flower
Amid rampant teenage romance genre, it doesn't mean that  family-themed drama unattractive. The "My Daughter My Flower" KOREAN DRAMA presented this type of family drama that usually very complex and  able to drain your emotions as a spectator. Such conflicts appear in this series  that aired on subscription TV channels  Korea Entertainment: ONE, started October 5, Monday to Friday, starting at 21:20 pm.

My Daughter My Flower is a very touching family drama, about a smart girl That Kkot Nim (Jin Se-Yeon, Bridal Mask) who can not accept the fact that his father has remarried. 

She worked as a therapist at a rehabilitation hospital where she met with Koo San Heuk (Choi Jin Hyuk, I Need Romance) and romantically involved. Since his father died, emotions Yang Kkot Nim becomes unstable and she hates her stepmother Jang Soon-Ae (Jo Min Soo, Boy, Goes to Heaven), while on the other hands he had to live alongside one home with her.
Soon-Ae is the stepmother who is always good and be nice to Kknoch Nim, like a child of their own. Various kinds of conflicts and disputes arise in the lives of both of them, which is clearly no blood relation. Then slowly tenderness and affection of the mother-child relationship grows by itself. 

The drama aired in Korea in November 2012 was directed by Park Yeong-soo's award-winning Director  at the SBS Drama Awards 2009 event through his work in the series Family's Honour - the series also focuses on family issues. 

In addition to its involvement director, My Daughter My Flower starred by handsome young actor: Lee Ji Hon - a former member K-Pop group "S" (with Kang Ta and Shin Hye Sung) and Son Eun-Seun (The Queen Returns) . There is also an award-winning actor Golden Acting Award at MBC Drama Awards 2010 Part Sang-Won in the series Golden Fish. 

Acting of Jin Se-Yeon admirable. Actress who act as Mok Oh in Bridal Mask has won the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards 2011 while her acting career started in 2010.

In addition to a feast for the eyes with the presence of a row of senior actors and actress are reliable and good-looking young actress , the  various problems story in the relationship between mother and child is presented to bring you thoughtful and 'fuzzy' break from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind that sometimes makes you forget how precious sense a family. 

Do not miss KDrama: My Daughter My Flower aired starting October 8, every Monday-Friday,  21:20 pm in the channel's favorite KDrama lovers and Kpop: ONE channel - available on Indovision ch. 164, Groovia TV ch. 507, and Centrin TV ch, 413.

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