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Saturday, 20 October 2007

RADIO STAR / 라디오 스타

2006, 115 minutes
Director: Lee Jun-ik
Cast: Park Joong-hoon and Ahn Sung-ki

Rocker Choi Gon once topped the Korean charts. Now he’s crooning at a dingy Seoul café. A deal to DJ at a rural radio station could be the last nail in his professional coffin. Or, as poignant dramas like this have a way of suggesting, it could be the beginning of something new.

Festivals and Awards

2007 Grand Bell Awards— Best Actor (Ahn Sung-ki)
2007 Shanghai International Film Festival—Official Selection
2006 Korean Film Critics’ Awards—Best Actor (Ahn Sung-ki) and Best Original Sound Track
2006 Blue Dragon Awards—Best Actors (Ahn Sung-ki and Park Joong-hoon)
2006 Chunsa Film Awards—Critics’ Award

Director’s Filmography

The King and the Clown* (2005)—Director
Once Upon a Time on a Battlefield (2003)—Director


2007, 134 minutes
Director: Kim Myeong-joon

Hundreds of thousands of third- and fourth-generation ethnic Koreans live in Japan;
not fully Japanese, but not fully Korean either. Kim Myeong-joon’s documentary camera follows a group of these zainichi Korean students through a year at school as they try to find their place somewhere between Korea and Japan.

Festivals and Awards
2006 Pusan International Film Festival—Woonpa Award for Best Korean Documentary
2006 Indie Docu Festival—Official Opening Night Selection

Director’s Filmography
Flower Island (2001)—Cinematographer

Kang, Dong-Won

- Date of Birth : Jan.18,1981
- Etc. : 185cm / 68kg / B
- Debut : MBC [Majestic Lady] TV show

TV show
- Majestic Lady (MBC, 2003)
- Something about 1% (MBC, 2003)
- Magic (SBS, 2004)

- Don¡¯t trust her (2004)
- Temptation of Wolf (2004)

Music Video
- J 'Light'

Moon Hee

Play on MBC start 2007.02.24

Thee weekend drama series is a story of motherhood and sacrifice. The heroine Moon Hee is forced by impossible circumstances to leave the child that she gave birth to when only eighteen years old. On the verge of accomplishing everything – a marriage with the man she loves, success, and a vengeance complete, she is awakened to the love she bears for her lost child. The stories of two mothers, Jang Han-na and Moon Hee, reveal the love of a mother for her child, the sacrifices that love demands, and the truth that motherly love is not an innate quality, but something that must be nurtured and learned from at the same time, much like a child growing up. The drama intends to encourage the less-than-responsible mothers of our day, who know no sacrifice and sometimes go as far as to abandon their child, to think about the true meaning of motherhood.

Merry Mary

Live is short... Enjoy it while it lasts.
It’s pointless to waste your life when you won’t be living forever.
Life is long... So live it to the fullest.
What’s the point of living if you can’t have any fun? Having fun is the best medicine.

Anyway, everybody should enjoy life as much as they can. But have you found happiness in your life? Does happiness becomes yours by snatching it away from someone else?
Is happiness only rewarded to the winners in society like a winner’s trophy? Are ordinary folks forced to pursue happiness without ever finding it?
It’s especially hard to deal with a life where you are poor and that affects your relationship with the person you love.
Is that why we break the rules and try to stomp on people to get ahead in life?
No, that’s not right! Being fair and having a clear conscience is more important.
Those are the qualities that make me who I am!

Don’t you want to know what is more important in life than money and success? What kind of happiness will make your heart beat?

Although they have to swallow their pride to make a living by doing any job that comes their way, they are upright people who are working hard to reach their dreams!

This spring, meet a jolly couple.
We introduce you to Mary and Daegu, who will redefine the meaning of happiness.
Young people who live in your neighborhood... People who keep their chins up even though they are poor and live a tough life. A woman who is full of laughter! And a man who shines with happiness!
Meet their friendly neighbors. Try to feel the energy of their enthusiasm. Happiness is derived from hard work! You’ll discover happiness when you begin sharing. Flowers will bloom. Smile! It’s time to be happy with yourself.

Sung, Yoo-Ri

- Date of Birth : Mar.3, 1981
- Etc. : 168 cm / 45 kg / B
- Debut : ¡®Fingkle¡¯ Group singer

TV show
- First Love of a Royal Prince (MBC,2004)
- Millennium Deep Love (SBS, 2003)
- Bad Girls (SBS, 2002)

- 1st Blue Lain, Ruby, For my boyfriend
- 2nd Eternity love, Self-respect
- 2.5th To my prince
- 3rd NOW, Feel your love
- 3.5th Remake Album
- 4th Forever, never

Myung, Sae-Bin

- Date of Birth : Apr.10 , 1976
- Etc. : 168 cm / 47 kg / A - Debut : KBS TV show (1998)

TV show
- Marry Me (MBC,2004)
- To Inside the Sun ((SBS,2004)
- Who is my love? (KBS,2002)

- Purity, Paper Crane, Ghost
- I like her
- I love hot things
- But I love you

- Man¡¯s Smell, Chinese Restaurant

Music Video
- Lee, Ji Hoon ¡®Parting¡¯
- Kim, Bum Soo 'Promise'

Park, Jwang-Hyun

- Date of Birth : Oct.11, 1977
- Etc. : 177 cm / 67 kg / AB
- Debut : SBS Contest Gold Prize 1997

TV show
- Sweet Burns (MBC,2004)
- My Life¡¯s Illusion(MBC, 2003)
- That lights to me (MBC, 2002)
- Bad Girls (SBS, 2002)

- SBS Woman, Sook Hee and Jung Hee, Partner
- MBC Beggars, Jump
- KMTV Favorite song VJ
- MBC Live Music Camp MC
- SBS Medical Center

Opposites Attract

Now on MBC since 2007-07-16

An ambitious new TV series written by writer Lim Sung-han whose works include ‘Story of a Mermaid’ and ‘Love in Heaven’!
There are crimes happening every day... The law enforcement system is stretched to its limit... Prosecutors and detective analyze case after case to uncover the truth...

This TV series is a story revolving around the lives of prosecutors who work hard to uphold justice. It will show the humanism of prosecutors and the people they meet in all walks of life. It will also touch upon their love lives. The story plot will weave together different aspects of society to convey a strong message about what is true justice. Boo Gil-la (actor Kim Min-sung) develops feelings for Baek Shi-hang (actress Wang Hee-jee) who is a hard-working prosecutor...

Baek Shi-hyang / actress Wang Hee-jee
Seoul District Prosecutor
She’s a woman prosecutor who is highly regarded by her peers as one of the best district prosecutors. She is the pride of her family.
Since she was a young child, she stood out among her siblings as being smarter and prettier than them. She was the favorite child in her family. She was a high achiever and passed the bar exam to become a respected prosecutor but she works too hard for her own good.

Boo Gil-la / actor Kim Min-sung
Seoul District Prosecutor
A prosecutor who is analytical and sensible at the same time. He frequently wrangles with Shi-hyang at work. But he finds himself falling in love with Shi-hang when she impresses him with her dedication and commitment to her job.

Just Love

start on 2007. 8. 18 at MBC

is a story about broken, splintered families that have become increasingly common in these modern times and portrays a love story that people of all ages can relate to.

There are three main characters in the drama who are tied together through their past and present relationships. Jung Dong-jin (actor Kim Seung-soo), the leading male character, is a network director and a single dad who has a daughter named Da-som. He develops a close relationship with 'Yoo Eun-ho (actress Yoo Ho-jung), a widow who works as a scriptwriter for a radio program. But when his ex-wife, Seo Ji-hae (actress Kim Bo-gyeong), a TV host, appears in his life again after she returns from her studies abroad, the three people get involved in an awkward relationship. The families of all three people also know each other. Then Jang Sa-ya (actress Park Shin-hye) enters the picture and the situation gets more complicated...

The way that families love each other change over the times but family bonds always remain the same. This drama tells a warmhearted story about splintered families in these modern times.
And love is always the common theme in dramas.
Most people from the older generation regard youth as being too reckless in love while youth consider elderly people to be too conservative in their relationships. But the love among couples is only different in its appearance as it belies a common emotion. Couples get into fights but the reason they are fighting is usually because they care about each other in ways that foster misunderstandings. This drama will try to weave together a story that people of all generations can empathize with.
As life expectancy rises among the population and more people spend their years in retirement, it is paramount that people prepare a nest egg before the reach old age. What do parents need to change about themselves as they look ahead to a long retirement? Family dynamics change and adjustments need to be made in the structure of a family. These are some of the elements that will be portrayed in this drama.


2007, 112 minutes Director: Im Sang-soo
Cast: Yum Jung-ah and Ji Jin-hee

Lim Sang-soo cuts a rich tale of personal pathos from the fabric of Korea’s recent history with the story of Hyun-woo, re-entering society after 17 years in prison for activities as a political dissident. Yoon-hee, his lover and partner in the struggle, is dead. Visiting their old hiding places and re-reading her letters, however, Hyun-woo realizes that he’s not as lost as he thought he was.

Festivals and Awards
2007 San Francisco International Film Festival—Official Selection
2007 Cleveland International Film Festival—Official Selection
2007 Festival du Film Asiatique de Deauville—Official Selection
2007 Paeksang Arts Awards—Best Actress (Yum Jung-ah)
2006 San Sebastian International Film Festival—Official Selection

Director’s Filmography
The President’s Last Bang (2005)—Director
A Good Lawyer’s Wife (2003)—Director
Tears (2000)—Director
Girls’ Night Out (1998)—Director


2006, 139 minutes
Director: Choi Dong-hoon
Cast: Cho Seung-woo, Kim Hye-soo and Baek Yoon-sik

Based on the cult-hit comic book series, Tazza’s anti-hero is Go-ni, a run-down gambling addict who’s lost all his and his sister’s money. In an exceptionally crafted Rocky-esque tale of redemption, Go-ni starts training with an old pro on Korea’s high stakes card game circuit. When he falls for Madame Jeong however, winning big takes a backseat to staying alive.

Festivals and Awards

2007 Grand Bell Awards—Best Supporting Actor (Baek Yoon-sik) and Best Costume
2007 Paeksang Art Awards—Best Director
2006 Blue Dragon Awards—Best Actress (Kim Hye-soo)
2006 Newport Beach Film Festival—Best Director, Best Actress (Kim Hye-soo) and Best Feature Actor (Cho Seung-woo)

Friday, 19 October 2007


2005, 119 minutes Director: Lee Jun-ik
Cast: Kam Woo-sung, Jun Jin-young and Lee Joon-gi

A taboo-shattering film that’s been called Korea’s Brokeback Mountain, King and the Clown is a tale of two itinerant clowns. Under a death sentence for treason, the clowns' ability to make the King laugh is their last hope for a pardon. The pressure brings the two entertainers closer to expressing the film’s homosexual subtext than Korean audiences are used to seeing depicted on the big screen. When the King takes to one of the clowns, desire, politics and blood begin to pull them apart.


2006, 141 minutes Director: Yoo Ha
Cast: Zo In-Sung, Lee Bo-young, Namkoong Min, Chun Ho-Jin

Director Yoo Ha really knows the dark, gritty alleys behind Korea’s gleaming skyscrapers. In this universe of thugs, Byung-doo is a small time crook eking out small time scores to support his mother and siblings. Mr. Hwang, a shadowy boss, offers him a job that even Byung-doo—not the sharpest criminal—knows is far too dangerous to accept. But not accepting it is even more dangerous.

Kim, Jung-Hwa

- Date of Birth : Nov.9, 1983
- Etc. : 172 cm / 47 kg / A
- Debut : ¡°New Nonstop¡± MBC TV show

TV show
- New Nonstop (MBC, 2000)
- Something About 1% (MBC, 2003)
- To inside the Sun (SBS, 2003)
- Snow White (KBS, 2004)

- You are a Spy If you don¡¯t know her (2004)


2006, 116 minutes
Directors: Lee Hae-joon, Lee Hae-young
Cast: Ryoo Deok-hwan, Baek Yoon-sik, Lee Sang-ah and Kim Yoon-seok

Oh Dong-gu is going to be a model-perfect woman and the fact that he’s currently a stumbling, pudgy man isn’t going to stop him. To pay for his sex change surgery, the Madonna-impersonating Oh does the only farcically responsible thing he can do: he enters a wrestling competition.

Festivals and Awards
2007 Berlin International Film Festival—New Generation Selection
2007 Hong Kong International Film Festival—Global Vision Selection
2007 Deauville Pan Asian Film Festival—Official Selection
2007 Singapore International Film Festival—Official Selection
2007 Paeksang Arts Awards – Best Script
2006 Blue Dragon Film Awards – Best Script, Best New Director
2006 Korea Film Awards – Best New Director
2006 Korean Film Critics Awards – Best New Director

Family Ties / 가족의 탄생

2006, 113 minutes
Director: Kim Tae-yong
Cast: Moon So-ri, Goh Doo-shim,Uhm Tae-woong and Kong Hyo-jin

When her brother Hyung-chul walks out of her life, Mi-ra was left trying to figure out whether
the family she knew ever really existed. When he shows up on her doorstep five years later with a bouquet, a grin and a new wife who’s 20 years older than he is, Mi-ra has to come to grips with this new family in this affectionate, grinning
domestic farce.

Ahn, Jae-Wook

- Date of Birth : Sep. 12, 1971
- Etc. : 173 cm / 65 kg / A
- Debut : MBC 23rd Actor, Wayfaring from Heaven

TV show
Match Made in Heaven (MBC 2004)
Bad Friends (MBC 2000)
Top 10 Singers (MBC 2000)
Mother! Sister! (MBC 2000)

Oh! Certain Victory Bong, Soon Young (KBS2 2004)
Angel and Swindler (SBS 2003)

- Revolution of One and half pyong, Free like Butterfly

- Baby Baby, Lady and Sorriness Fellow
- Sting

- RUB LOVE, Mine, Shall we kiss?
- Sky Garden
Music - 1st 'forever' (1997) - 2nd 'memories' (1998) - 4th ¡®Friend¡¯ (2003)


*New York Premiere*
2006, 115 minutes
Director: Choi Ho
Cast: Chu Ja-hyeon, Ryu Seung-beom and Hwang Jeong-min

Jang-chul is a hard man to find. The drug kingpin at the center of this gangland action explosion is being hunted by Sang-do, a relentless rival and Lieutenant Do, a hard-as-nails narcotics detective. If he’s lucky, they’ll kill each other before they get to him.


Ahn Sun Young

Name: 안선영 / Ahn Sun Young (An Seon Yeong)
Profession: Actress Date of birth: 1976-Feb-24 Height: 168cm Weight: 50kg
Blood type: B Education: Kyung Sung University

TV Series
Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung (SBS, 2007)
How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor (SBS, 2007)
What's Up Fox? (MBC, 2006)
Mr Goodbye (MBC, 2006)
Wolf (MBC, 2006)
My Rosy Life (KBS2, 2005)
Save the Last Dance for Me (SBS, 2004)
Orange / 오렌지 ( (SBS, 2002) sitcom

Standard of Love (2005)
Young Bride (2004)
Jenny Juno (2004)

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By My Side

Genre: Romance Broadcast network: MBC Broadcast period: 2007

Choi Myung Gil portrays Jang Seon Hee, a heartless mother, who abandoned her two young children and her husband, Seo Jun Suk (Kim Gab Soo). The young brother, (Park Jong Min), and sister, Seo Eun Joo (Lee Yoon Ji) grew up hating her for what she did. Seo Eun Joo works as a nurse while Seon Hee's second husband, Moon Yong Gi, (Im Chae Moo) is a doctor.

Lee Yoon Sub (Kim Jung Wook) is a student of a top university and he dislikes people calling him a house-helper's kid because his mom is one. Yoon Sub and Eun Joo are in love with each other. Because of his kindheartedness and maturity, he always tries to 'heal' Eun Joo's wounds and stands by her in times of need. Their love is challenged when Choi Dong Gun, the doctor whom Eun Joo is working for falls for her.

Park Sang Min plays Choi Dong Gun, a plastic surgery doctor, who is competent although he's an orphan and is the object of one-sided affection from Moon Ji Ye (Kim Jung Min), Eun Joo's half-sister. He falls in love with Eun Joo instead, causing a rivalry between the two half-sisters.

It's the story of one family that is divided into two on it's sense of family value and the selfishness of one woman who causes the love and hate between them.

Choi Myung Gil as Jang Seon Hee
Im Chae Moo as Moon Yong Gi
Lee Yoon Ji as Seo Eun Joo
Kim Jung Wook as Lee Yoon Sub
Kim Jung Min as Moon Ji Ye
Park Sang Min as Dong Gun
Park Jong Min as Eun Joo's brother
Kim Gab Soo as Seo Jun Suk
Geum Bo Ra


Bad Woman, Good Woman

Episodes: 120 Broadcast network: MBC Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-01 to ??
Air time: Mondays to Fridays 19:45

Song Gun Woo has been living a double life with two women for the past six years. He is married to one woman, Sae Young, and the other woman is his mistress, Suh Kyung. Sae Young is a woman who gets very emotional and cries very easily when someone does great things or say sweet things to her. She wanted to have the perfect marriage, but her husaband and her had difficulty in making a child. She gets shocked after finding out that her husband has been living with another woman.

Lee Jae Ryong as Song Gun Woo
Choi Jin Shil as Sae Young
Sung Hyun Ah as Suh Kyung
Jun Noh Min
Extended Cast

Park Eun Hye as Song Ji Woo
Kim Ji Woo
Chae Jin Gun
Park Hye Won
[edit]Production Credits
Producer: Lee Dae Young
Screenwriter: Lee Hong Goo


Thursday, 18 October 2007

Jung, Da-Bin

- Date of Birth : Mar.4, 1980
- Etc. : 165 cm / 45 kg /

TV show
- Cat on the Roof (MBC2003)
- Three Musketeers (MBC 2002)
- New Nonstop (MBC 2000)

- My brother¡¯s wife is 19 years old (SBS 2004)
- The sun is full (KBS 2000)
- Soonpoong Obstetrician, Sweet Bride,, TV Literature

- Danjukbiyeonsoo(2000)
- That man was cool (2003)


Monday, 15 October 2007

푸른 물고기 Blue Fish / Green Fish

Genre: Romance Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: SBS

This is a drama about a violinist, Jung Eun Soo, and a car designer, Lee Hyun Woo. Park Dong Hyuk is a director at a corporation who marries Eun Soo for ambition. Kang Yoon Jung is Hyun Woo's hoobae and is also in love with him. Hyun Woo thought that Eun Soo died in an accident. The drama will be about a pair of lovers separating due to parental objections and meeting again when the woman is already married.


Ko So Young as Jung Eun Soo
Park Jung Chul as Lee Hyun Woo
Yoo Tae Joon as Park Dong Hyuk
Park Han Byul as Kang Yoon Jung

꽃 찾으러 왔단다 / I Came in Search of a Flower

Also known as: Came to Find Flowers / Flowers for My Life
Episodes: 16 Genre: Romance Broadcast network: KBS2

Na hana loves money more than anything. she left her home town for seoul. She decided that the only way she could be with money is to marry a rich man who will die soon. She soon meets yoon ho sang, a young man who is a poor, troublemaker, and also loves money, but is in diguise of a very rich man who died. these two meet and soon love sparks but yoon ho sang has a serious cancer problem which he first lied to a man who he owes money to.

Cha Tae Hyun as Yoon Ho Sang
Kang Hye Jung as Na Ha Na
Kim Ji Hoon as Go Eun Tak
Gong Hyun Joo as Oh Nam Kyung

Extended Cast
Kim Hye Ok as Park Cho Sun (Ha Na's mother)
Lee Jung Gil as Na Jung Do (Ha Na's father)
Jung Ae Ri as Gong Ma Dam
Kang Shin Il as Choi Pil Goo


Saturday, 13 October 2007

Shim Eun-ha

Shim Eun-ha (b. September 23, 1972) debuted in 1994 in the basketball-themed TV drama The Last Match, and quickly became the nation's most popular and talked-about star. After acting in three more television dramas and two lesser-known films (including Born To Kill with Jung Woo-sung), she made a permanent mark in the film industry with her performance in Hur Jin-ho's modern-day classic Christmas in August (1998). Later that year Art Museum by the Zoo, which presented a more down-to-earth side of the actress, saw her win over more critical praise for her acting abilities. Throughout this period, Shim consistently topped magazine polls as the most popular actress in the film industry.

In Tell Me Something, her star power combined with Han Suk-kyu to create one of the most highly anticipated works in Korean film history (though most viewers ultimately expressed disappointment at the film's convoluted narrative). The following year she appeared in Korea's first Dogme film Interview, which would end up being her last appearance.

In 2002, after rumors surfaced of an engagement which was later called off, Shim decided to give up her entertainment career. In the ensuing years, despite periodic rumors that she would resume her film career, Shim has tried her best to remain out of the public eye, studying in France and taking up painting. However despite (or perhaps because of) her long absence, she remains the undisputedly most popular actress of the last decade. In October 2005 she was married to a professor from Yonsei University, and at the time she re-affirmed that she will not return to acting.

Interview excerpts:

What kind of film would you most like to make? "Something provocative and urban, with a decadent feel to it. A film featuring great female attraction. Something like Beatrice Dalle in Betty Blue, perhaps. Is there anything that can compare to that film?" [Cine21, #182, Dec 1998]

Auction House

Episodes: 12 Broadcast network: MBC Broadcast period: 2007-Sep-30 to
Air time: Sundays 23:40 (11:40 Korean time)

The drama traces the problems faced by employees of an Auction House. Cha Yun Soo is a sweet girl, but is strong as well. She finds an advertisement for a job at an Auction House and applies for the job. But after meeting Min Soo Rin, she dedides to become an auctioneer like Soo Rin. Oh Yoon Jae is peculiar and cynnical but has a very strong pride. He's a type of person who strictly focuses on his work. He was once a famous auctioneer, but due to an auction forgery, he quit his job. He is called back to help out Yun Soo.

Yoon So Yi as Cha Yun Soo
Jung Chan as Oh Yoon Jae
Kim Hye Ri as Min Soo Rin
Jung Sang Woon as Na Do Young
Lee Yoo Jung as Jung Na Kyung
Ok Ji Young as Yoo Min Young
Park Seung Tae as No Kyung Ja
Choi Jong Won as Huh Myung Hwan
Yoon Joo Sang as Son Chul Man


H.I.T (Homicide Investigation Team)

Episodes: 20 ,genre: Action & Investigation ,Broadcast network: MBC

The Homicide Investigation Team (H.I.T.) led by Cha Soo Kyung (Go Hyun Jung) was established to investigate the case of a serial killer. The other four members were assigned from different precincts and when they first started, they all have their own ulterior motives and none of them was confortable with working as a team or trusted each other. Added to the mix, a rookie prosecutor Kim Jae Yoon (Ha Jung Woo) was sent by the District Attorney's Office to keep an eye on the police's work. This drama depicts how cases were solved and how the members evolved into really working as a team.

Ko Hyun Jung as Cha Soo Kyung
Ha Jung Woo as Kim Jae Yoon
Kim Jung Min as Kim Young Doo
Yoon Ji Min as Jung In Hee
Extended Cast

Son Hyun Joo as Jo Gyu Won (Superintendent, Soo Kyung's superior)
Jung Dong Jin as Kim Il-joo (HIT team member)
Kim Jung Tae as Shim Jong-geum (HIT team member)
Choi Il Hwa as Kang Ol Ha (HIT team member)
Dong Suk as Nam Sung-sik (HIT team member)
Lee Young Ha as Jung Taek-won (DA, In Hee's father


Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Pure in Heart

Traveling from Yanbian, China to Seoul cheerful, ethnic Korean, Guk-hwa plans to marry her fiance and start a new life. To her dismay, he has died expectedly in an accident. This turns her plans upside down, especially since can't (or won't) return home to China. A series of events, brought about by her inexperience and innocence, endears her to some and causes outrage in others.

The role of the modest and honest guy Hong Ug-yeong, who works at telecom company UT, is played by Lee Min-woo, while the ill-mannered Yun-hu, a scion of a conglomerate, is portrayed by Seo Ji-suk. The cast also includes several famous middle-aged actors: Shin Koo, who plays the oldest person in Hong’s family, and Kang Nam-kil and Kim Mi-kyung, who play Ug-yeong’s parents. Kang Seok-woo appears in a comic role of Shin’s second son as a third-class bar singer. Adding to the cheerful atmosphere of the series is Cho Jung-rin, who plays Woo-kyung’s younger sister. Han Jin-hee and Yoon Yeo-jung appear as Yoon-hu’s family.

Daily Drama, KBS 2006

Guk-hwa ~ Goo Hye Sun
Hong Ug-yeong ~ Lee Min Woo
Park Yun-hu ~ Seo Ji Suk
Park Yun-jeong ~ Lee Yun-ji

Over the Rainbow

Youth is the time for dreams and love, but only the determined will find what lies at the end of the rainbow. MBC's new mini series Over the Rainbow takes viewers into the dynamic world of music and dance. The vibrant cinematography, bopping soundtrack, and amazing dance choreography set the tone for this colorful ode to youth. Directed by Han Hee (Super Rookie), Over the Rainbow features a fresh, young cast including Fany of pop group Fly to the Sky in his acting debut, Kim Ok Bin (Hello, God), Ji Hyun Woo (Old Miss Diary), newcomer singer Now, and pioneering hip-hop dancer Poppin' Hyun Joon.

Aspiring singer Hee Soo (Kim Ok Bin) runs away from home, traveling from America to Korea to pursue her musical dreams. Rough-and-tumble hip-hop dancer Hyuk Joo (Ji Hyun Woo) hopes to shine on stage, but the music industry is full of obstacles for a newcomer. Pop idol Rex (Fany) has countless fans and a hit music career, but he is unbearably arrogant and self-centered. When these three young people meet, new sparks dance into their lives. Rex meets his match with the spunky and lovable Hee Soo, but her heart seems to point to Hyuk Joo. Amidst the unseen hardships, backstage drama, and conflicts of heart, they must find their own path to their dreams and earn their places on stage.

MBC 2007

Hee Soo ~ Kim Ok Bin
Hyuk Joo ~ Ji Hyun Woo
Rex ~ Fany
~ Now
~ Poppin' Hyun Joon

Ji Seong

Date of Birth ~ February 27, 1977
Height/Weight ~ Height - 5'8'' (178cm), Weight -154lbs (70kg)
School ~ Dept. of Theater and Film Department at Univ. of Suwon
Bloodtype ~ A
Religion ~ Christian
Hobbies ~ Skiing and singing
Nickname ~ duck
Marriage ~ Single
Web Site ~

Filmography ~
Hwiparam Gongju (Princess Whistle)

TV ~
All In
Save the Last Dance for Me
Conditions of Love
Masinneun Cheonghon (A Delicious Proposal)
Gyeolhonui Beopchik (Rules of Marriage)
Haetbit Sanyang (Catching a Sunbeam)
Hwaryeohan Sijeol (Glorious Days)

Ji Seong Movies/Dramas Available at
~~Help support at no additional cost to you~~

Career ~
MBC Awards, Best New Actor (2001)
SBS Awards, NEWSTAR Award (2001)

Park Yong-ha

Date of Birth ~ August 12, 1977
Height/Weight ~ height 176 cm/ weight 63 kg
School ~ Chungang University
Bloodtype ~ B
Hobbies ~ Bass guitar, musical performance and singing
Marriage ~ Single
Web Site ~

Filmography ~
Koiuta (Little Bird)

Miniseries ~
Winter Sonata
Loving You
Love Blooming in the Classroom

Career ~
Best New Actor
KBS Awards, Best Actor



Filling the cups of classmates with a kettle is the only work 11-year-old Dong-ku, who
is mentally retarded, can do in his school life. However, even this small connection with
the outside world breaks as one day a new water purifier replaces the kettle in his
classroom. Disappointed badly by losing his only hope to survive in a regular school,
he finds that every freshman in the junior baseball team is required to supply drinking
water to other members with a kettle. Though knows nothing about baseball, Dong-ku
decides to join the team while his father, Jin-kyu, is struggling to save his kid’s only
shelter, their chicken bar.

Sunday, 7 October 2007


This film is the story of a group of office workers who organize a rock band in order to play at their manager's retirement party. The popular and critically acclaimed actor Baek Yoon-shik (The Big Swindle, The Art Of Fighting, The President's Last Bang) leads the cast. Supporting him are Im Ha-ryong (Welcome To Dongmakgol, Someone Special) and comic actor Park Joon-gyu (The Fox Family, Oh My God). Note that there is also another film from a couple years ago with the English title "Bravo My Life" (I still don't know what that is supposed to mean, or if it is even supposed to be standard English). Director Park Yeong-hoon (Addicted) will helm this Media Azit drama, and it will be released by Showbox on September 6.

I'm Your Teacher

An incompetent high-school teacher is given a mission worth one-billion won.
He will receive the lump sum payment in return for tutoring the only daughter of the head of a mafia. But, if something happens to the girl, he will have to pay with his life.

All get the first taste of world in school.
A school is a miniature of the greater world and also a simulation place. Some say it’s a jungle out there.

We meet many different people in school. We learn from and compete with and love and hate each other.
Sometimes it’s fun and other times it’s dreadful. But one thing in common is that all grow going through the experience. Like in an adult society, classes and rules exist and conflicts erupt.

Something only happen during school years.
Only during school years, people like others without any reason and help others without any conditions. They thoughtlessly provoke others and bet everything. They recklessly cross streets, drive without safety belts and talk before consulting a legal advisor.

It was possible to live like that during school years. But after growing old, people forgot only running forward without looking back.
People forget what they learn from textbooks but never forget school legends. It is indeed hidden track in the story of our life.

Director : Kim Jeong-gyu
Writer : Lee Jin-mae
Adopted from the story by : Kazuto Okada

얼렁뚱땅 흥신소 / Evasive Inquiry Agency

Episodes: 16 Genre: Romance, comedy
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2007-Oct-08 to 2007-Nov-27
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)

Moo Yeol is a taekwondo instructor who falls for Eun Jae at first sight when she comes and asks him to help her find gold treasures at the agency. Hee Kyung is a tarot card master and Yong Soo is a manhwa shop owner who passes his days with no dreams nor hopes but gets involved in the gold hunting simply for fun. Moo Yeol, Hee Kyung, and Yong Soo gather together at the empty Inquiry Agency office and they discover a dead corpse in the basement. The four of them later decide to start a treasure hunting project.

Lee Min Ki as Moo Yeol
Lee Eun Song as Eun Jae
Ye Ji Won as Hee Kyung
Ryu Seung Soo as Yong Soo

Extended Cast
Park Hee Soon as Baek Min Chul

Saturday, 6 October 2007


Recently, the story of the US Olympic skier, Toby Dawson, captured the attention of the media and the hearts of the nation. Mr. Dawson, who had been lost in a crowded Busan market as a child, was adopted by a couple in Colorado. However, he expressed an interest in locating his birth father and the two were recently reunited. New director Hwang Dong-hyeok is now filming a story paralleling these events. It is the story of James Parker, a boy adopted by a US family, and his quest to find his birth father upon reaching adulthood. James is played by Daniel Henney (Seducing Mr. Perfect). His long-lost father is played by Kim Yeong-cheol (Asako In Ruby Shoes, A Bittersweet Life). This Cineline drama will be released by Lotte Entertainment on September 6.