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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Pure in Heart

Traveling from Yanbian, China to Seoul cheerful, ethnic Korean, Guk-hwa plans to marry her fiance and start a new life. To her dismay, he has died expectedly in an accident. This turns her plans upside down, especially since can't (or won't) return home to China. A series of events, brought about by her inexperience and innocence, endears her to some and causes outrage in others.

The role of the modest and honest guy Hong Ug-yeong, who works at telecom company UT, is played by Lee Min-woo, while the ill-mannered Yun-hu, a scion of a conglomerate, is portrayed by Seo Ji-suk. The cast also includes several famous middle-aged actors: Shin Koo, who plays the oldest person in Hong’s family, and Kang Nam-kil and Kim Mi-kyung, who play Ug-yeong’s parents. Kang Seok-woo appears in a comic role of Shin’s second son as a third-class bar singer. Adding to the cheerful atmosphere of the series is Cho Jung-rin, who plays Woo-kyung’s younger sister. Han Jin-hee and Yoon Yeo-jung appear as Yoon-hu’s family.

Daily Drama, KBS 2006

Guk-hwa ~ Goo Hye Sun
Hong Ug-yeong ~ Lee Min Woo
Park Yun-hu ~ Seo Ji Suk
Park Yun-jeong ~ Lee Yun-ji

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