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Friday, 19 October 2007


2006, 116 minutes
Directors: Lee Hae-joon, Lee Hae-young
Cast: Ryoo Deok-hwan, Baek Yoon-sik, Lee Sang-ah and Kim Yoon-seok

Oh Dong-gu is going to be a model-perfect woman and the fact that he’s currently a stumbling, pudgy man isn’t going to stop him. To pay for his sex change surgery, the Madonna-impersonating Oh does the only farcically responsible thing he can do: he enters a wrestling competition.

Festivals and Awards
2007 Berlin International Film Festival—New Generation Selection
2007 Hong Kong International Film Festival—Global Vision Selection
2007 Deauville Pan Asian Film Festival—Official Selection
2007 Singapore International Film Festival—Official Selection
2007 Paeksang Arts Awards – Best Script
2006 Blue Dragon Film Awards – Best Script, Best New Director
2006 Korea Film Awards – Best New Director
2006 Korean Film Critics Awards – Best New Director

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