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Sunday, 7 October 2007

I'm Your Teacher

An incompetent high-school teacher is given a mission worth one-billion won.
He will receive the lump sum payment in return for tutoring the only daughter of the head of a mafia. But, if something happens to the girl, he will have to pay with his life.

All get the first taste of world in school.
A school is a miniature of the greater world and also a simulation place. Some say it’s a jungle out there.

We meet many different people in school. We learn from and compete with and love and hate each other.
Sometimes it’s fun and other times it’s dreadful. But one thing in common is that all grow going through the experience. Like in an adult society, classes and rules exist and conflicts erupt.

Something only happen during school years.
Only during school years, people like others without any reason and help others without any conditions. They thoughtlessly provoke others and bet everything. They recklessly cross streets, drive without safety belts and talk before consulting a legal advisor.

It was possible to live like that during school years. But after growing old, people forgot only running forward without looking back.
People forget what they learn from textbooks but never forget school legends. It is indeed hidden track in the story of our life.

Director : Kim Jeong-gyu
Writer : Lee Jin-mae
Adopted from the story by : Kazuto Okada