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Friday, 19 October 2007

By My Side

Genre: Romance Broadcast network: MBC Broadcast period: 2007

Choi Myung Gil portrays Jang Seon Hee, a heartless mother, who abandoned her two young children and her husband, Seo Jun Suk (Kim Gab Soo). The young brother, (Park Jong Min), and sister, Seo Eun Joo (Lee Yoon Ji) grew up hating her for what she did. Seo Eun Joo works as a nurse while Seon Hee's second husband, Moon Yong Gi, (Im Chae Moo) is a doctor.

Lee Yoon Sub (Kim Jung Wook) is a student of a top university and he dislikes people calling him a house-helper's kid because his mom is one. Yoon Sub and Eun Joo are in love with each other. Because of his kindheartedness and maturity, he always tries to 'heal' Eun Joo's wounds and stands by her in times of need. Their love is challenged when Choi Dong Gun, the doctor whom Eun Joo is working for falls for her.

Park Sang Min plays Choi Dong Gun, a plastic surgery doctor, who is competent although he's an orphan and is the object of one-sided affection from Moon Ji Ye (Kim Jung Min), Eun Joo's half-sister. He falls in love with Eun Joo instead, causing a rivalry between the two half-sisters.

It's the story of one family that is divided into two on it's sense of family value and the selfishness of one woman who causes the love and hate between them.

Choi Myung Gil as Jang Seon Hee
Im Chae Moo as Moon Yong Gi
Lee Yoon Ji as Seo Eun Joo
Kim Jung Wook as Lee Yoon Sub
Kim Jung Min as Moon Ji Ye
Park Sang Min as Dong Gun
Park Jong Min as Eun Joo's brother
Kim Gab Soo as Seo Jun Suk
Geum Bo Ra


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