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Saturday, 29 December 2007

하늘만큼 땅만큼 / By Land and Sky

하늘만큼 땅만큼 / By Land and Sky

Suk Ji Soo is a kindhearted and thoughtful woman caring about the harmony of her family. Jeong Mu Young struggles through many troubles and forgivness within his family. He doesn't really like his father because he was born due to his father's affair with another woman. Ji Soo and Mu Young's family in this drama are complete opposites...her family is happy while his family is not. Eun Ha is a girl with a cheerful personality and perfect skin with no wrinkles. She thinks importantly of people's relationships and puts much effort into everything she does to make her family happy. The drama will be focusing on different family problems faced in modern day society.


* Han Hyo Joo as Suk Ji Soo
* Park Hae Jin as Jeong Mu Young
* Hong Soo Ah as Yoon Eun Ha
* Suh Joon Young as Song Ji Min
* Choi Won Young as Jang Young Min

Extended Cast

* Yoon Hae Young as Park Myeong Su
* Hong Yo Seob as Suk Jong Hoo (Ji Soo's father)
* Kang Jung Hwa as Yoon Eun Joo
* Lee Joo Hyun as Kim Sang Hyun
* Jung Ae Ri as Park Myeong Ja (Sang Hyun's mother)
* Jung Han Yong as Kim Tae Sik (Sang Hyun's father)
* Seo Jae Kyung as Suk Ji Wong (Ji Soo's brother)
* Kim Il Woo as Park Myeong Tae
* Kim Ja Ok as Ahn Hye Kyung (Eun Ha's and Eun Joo's mother)
* Jung Dong Hwan as Yoon Jae Doo (Eun Ha's and Eun Joo's father)
* Ban Hyo Jung as Han Bong Rye (Myeong Ja's mother)
* Jung Jae Soon as Lee Soon Im (Myeong Ja's step-mom)
* Lee Hye Sook as Jin Sook (Mu Young biological mother)
* Han Jin Hee as Young Min's father



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Friday, 21 December 2007


Lee Yoon-ho(Jeong Il-woo), a motorcycle mania who engages in many fights at school and is known for his high kick, and Lee Min-ho(Kim Hye-seong) who enjoys spending time on scale models and web blogs, are brothers born a year apart but attending the same class at school. These two portray completely opposite Korean teenage characters in a comical way. And of course, there’s the rest of the family. Their father(Jeong Joon-ha), a full-time stock investor since being laid-off from work, nevertheless optimistic and reckless; their mother(Park Hae-mi), an oriental medicine doctor and always overly confident; their grandfather(Lee Soon-jae), who loves money more than anything in the world; their grandmother(Nah Mun-hee), who is always defeated by her daughter-in-law in ongoing status quarrels, are some of them. Their uncle Lee Min-yong(Choi Min-yong) is a 27-year-old single dad. After going through a premature marriage and early divorce, he enjoys his life back in the dating scene with his half-single and half-married status, while continuing to encounter emotionally-involved moments with his ex-wife Shin Ji(Shin Ji) at times. Smooth High Kick! is a situation comedy, which portrays the everyday lives of the main characters colliding with each other in a comical way. However, at a certain point, the surprising mysteries of their seemingly-normal surrounding characters begin to unravel one by one.

Director: Kim-Byeong-uk; Writer:Song-Jea-Jung; Starring :Jeong Il-woo, Kim Hye-seong

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Princess Hours II

This is a story about communication.

Communication between friends, between men and women, between parents and children, between monarchs and subjects, between teachers and students...

Based on the premise that Korea is a constitutional monarchy led by a queen, “Prince Hours” opens a new chapter in fusion fantasy historical drama. It seeks to explore in depth the idea of communication between people, as well as the repercussions of a breakdown in such communication.

By introducing a protagonist from a simple, working-class background to palace life, the show endeavors to find common ground for communication that begins at vastly differing eye levels.

If there are no “perfectly parallel” lines in the world, all lines must surely meet someday; conveying the hope for this future “intersection” is the new yet familiar objective of “Prince Hours.”

Starring:Hwang In-Roi,Lee Jae-soon,Seven, Huh Yi-jae

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Pretty Insun

Love doesn’t judge.Some say that we live in the era of narcissism, because people have their say in everything these days thanks to the widespread use of the Internet and communication as well as political and social freedom. There are always people on the street using their mobile phones and talking busily to someone. Blogs and personal Web sites have also been developing rapidly. Everybody is the main character nowadays. But despite the abundance of communication, people these days are more lonesome than ever because everybody is talking only about themselves -- about their wounds being larger than the wounds of others and about their needs being more urgent than other people’s needs. Everybody claims that they are the best and the most lonely. But nobody listens to them. In the end, we all think that we are treated unfairly. The greater access we have to communication the more lonesome we feel. That is the downside of the era of narcissism in the 21st century.

Can you throw a stone at her?
There is a woman who was abandoned by her mother as soon as she was born and was raised by her impoverished grandmother. She also served a sentence for accidentally killing someone while in high school. She has the worst credentials to live in this merciless world, and people easily stigmatize her as a “sinner.” But who doesn’t have sins? And what credentials can be better than hers from the standpoint of people who have money and power? What does a “sin” mean to humans? Who will dare to throw stones at her?

Beatifull Days

Starring:Jeon Ye-seo, Park Grina, Choi Kyu-hwan, Kim Tae-ho
Director:Jeon Chang-keun
Writer :Hong Young-hee, Lee Sang-min

This drama depicts the desperate hopes and love of people of the 1970s, when the majority of families had four children. The true-to-life characters and the humorous language they use add fun to the drama. It is an opportunity to meet with your down-to-earth and well-familiar neighbors and receive vitality from them. None of the drama’s characters is particularly successful, and this is not a story of their success. Through the four siblings, who were born in a marketplace, grew up there, left it in the quest for a better life but eventually returned, this drama sends a message of strong family ties and reconciliation

新현모양처 / New Wise Mother, Good Wife

Episodes: 10 * Broadcast network: MBC
Kim Ho Jin will play Heo Myung Pil, an elite newspaper reporter but an immature and irresponsible husband. Kang Sung Yun will play Gyung Gook Hee, a bright and valiant wife.

Along with the two, Kim Tae Yeon will play Lim Tae Ran who is a successful scenario writer who possesses both fortune and fame, she is considered an ideal female figure in today's society, and Kim Nam Jin will play the college student, Seok Doo, who receives the love of many wives.

Cast* Kim Ho Jin as Heo Myung Pil
* Kang Sung Yun as Gyung Gook Hee
* Kim Nam Jin as Park Seok Doo
* Kim Tae Yeon as Im Tae Ran

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

내 곁에 있어 / By My Side

Genre: Romance ; Broadcast network: MBC

Choi Myung Gil portrays Jang Seon Hee, a heartless mother, who abandoned her two young children and her husband, Seo Jun Suk (Kim Gab Soo). The young brother, (Park Jong Min), and sister, Seo Eun Joo (Lee Yoon Ji) grew up hating her for what she did. Seo Eun Joo works as a nurse while Seon Hee's second husband, Moon Yong Gi, (Im Chae Moo) is a doctor.

Lee Yoon Sub (Kim Jung Wook) is a student of a top university and he dislikes people calling him a house-helper's kid because his mom is one. Yoon Sub and Eun Joo are in love with each other. Because of his kindheartedness and maturity, he always tries to 'heal' Eun Joo's wounds and stands by her in times of need. Their love is challenged when Choi Dong Gun, the doctor whom Eun Joo is working for falls for her.

Park Sang Min plays Choi Dong Gun, a plastic surgery doctor, who is competent although he's an orphan and is the object of one-sided affection from Moon Ji Ye (Kim Jung Min), Eun Joo's half-sister. He falls in love with Eun Joo instead, causing a rivalry between the two half-sisters.

It's the story of one family that is divided into two on it's sense of family value and the selfishness of one woman who causes the love and hate between them.

Choi Myung Gil as Jang Seon Hee,Im Chae Moo as Moon Yong Gi ,Lee Yoon Ji as Seo Eun ,
Kim Jung Wook as Lee Yoon Sub ,Kim Jung Min as Moon Ji Ye ,Park Sang Min as Dong Gun
Park Jong Min as Eun Joo's brother ,Kim Gab Soo as Seo Jun Suk ,Geum Bo Ra

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

얼마나 좋길래 / How Much Love?

Genre: Romance, Episodes: about 30, Broadcast network: MBC

What happens when a rich girl who hasn't suffered much hardships falls in love with a poor guy who has to shoulder just about everything that seems most unfortunate in the eyes of everyone. No one can predict how much determination is needed to overcome their differences or how much love is needed to the overcome all the oncoming trials of their everyday lives.

Cast* Kim Ji Hoon as Suh Dong-Soo
* Jo Yuh Jung as Lee Sun-Joo
* Yoon Se Ah as Lee Hae-Joo
* Jung Chan as Oh Hyung-Chul

식객 / Shikgaek/Gourmet

* Also known as: Trencherman * Episodes: 24 * Broadcast network: MBC
* Broadcast period: 2008-Mar-12 to 2008 * Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)

Sung Chan is a talented cook. He peddles food from his truck all over the country to discover the best and precious traditional Korean cuisines.

Cast* Kim Rae Won as Sung Chan
* Nam Sang Mi as Jin Soo
* Won Ki Joon as Min Woo
* Kim So Yun as Joo Hee

Extended Cast * Kwon Oh Joong
* Choi Jae Kwon as Sung Shik Gaek (Sung Chan's friend)

Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Director: Andrew Lau (HK)
Starring: Jung Woo-sung, Jeon Ji-hyun
Genre: Action
Released:23 Feb 2006

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

사랑에 미치다 Also known as: Crazy for You

Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: SBS

Suh Jin Young is an aviation maintenance technician and her husband passed away due to a traffic accident. Kim Chae Joon dreams to become an aviation pilot but he encounters an unfortunate accident. Chae Joon goes to prison for accidently killing a man in a car accident. The man happens to be Jin Young's husband. Jin Young and Chae Joon develop a love relationship.

Yoon Kye Sang as Kim Chae Joon
Lee Mi Yun as Suh Jin Young
Kim Eun Joo as Jo Min Hee
Lee Jong Hyuk as Hyun Chul
Extended Cast

Yoo Tae Joon as Jae Hoon (Jin Young's husband)
Lee Kyung Jin as Jae Hoon's mother
Song Jae Ho as Jae Hoon's father

Monday, 3 December 2007

커플브레이킹 / Couple Breaking

Episodes: 4 Broadcast network: CHCGV

Park Kwang Hyun
Park Han Byul
Kim Ji Suk
Jung Da Hye

Sunday, 2 December 2007

직장연애사 / Company Love

Genre: Romance Episodes: 8 Broadcast network: OCN

This drama is about lovers in the office.

Shin Lee
Ok Joo Hyun
Kim Ji Woo
Jung Joon Ha
Kim In Soo

Saturday, 1 December 2007

뉴하트 / New Heart

Broadcast network: MBC Broadcast period: 2007-Dec-12 to 2008
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)

This drama will be about the growth and sufferings of the heart surgeons who work in the thoracic surgery department. Lee Eun Sung graduated from a newly established medical school in the provinces. He applies for a job at the hospital and has high hopes of becoming a great doctor. Nam Hye Suk graduated at top of her medical school. She is an absolute fundamentalist but starts to show her humane side once she gets to know Eun Sung. Choi Kang Gook is the new head of the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

Ji Sung as Lee Eun Sung
Kim Min Jung as Nam Hye Suk
Lee Ji Hoon
Jo Jae Hyun as Choi Kang Gook

Extended Cast
Kim Jun Ho
Sung Dong Il

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

메리대구 공방전 / Me Ri, Dae Gu's Attack and Defense Battle

Also known as: Merry Mary / Married Couple's Attack and Defense Battle
Genre: Romance, Comedy Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: MBC

Lee Ha Na is Hwang Me Ri, a snack vendor who dreams of becoming a musician. She is an optismistic person like her nickname, Merry, because she was born on Christmas day. She's the type of person always repays the 'kindness' that others give to her. One day, her world begins to start crumbling down when she encounters Ji Hyun Woo as Kang Dae Gu, the chivalry novelist who is younger than her by a year. Since then, both of them are always bickering whenever they meet which leaves their same neighbors in constant headaches. Lee Min Woo as Seon Do Jin is Me Ri's first love and Dae Gu's senior. He sticks around Me Ri as he pities the situation that she is in. Wang Bit Na will portray Lee So Ran. Lee So Ran is known as the plastic beauty, or in other words the "Plastic Paris Hilton". She's snobby and has fixed her face with plastic surgery, although it turned out very natural. She lives her life similar to Paris Hilton. She has an unique taste in men. One day, she meets a novelist named Kang Dae Gu and falls in love with him.

Lee Ha Na as Hwang Me Ri
Ji Hyun Woo as Kang Dae Gu
Lee Min Woo as Seon Do Jin
Wang Bit Na as Lee So Ran

Monday, 26 November 2007

아름다운 시절 / Belle

Broadcast network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2007-Nov-12 to 2008
Air time: Mondays to Fridays 7:50

Choi Gyu Hwan
Park Gri Na
Jun Ye Soo
Kim Tae Ho
Lee Ga Heun

Sunday, 25 November 2007

꽃피는 봄이 오면 / When Spring Comes

Also known as: Flowers Bloom When Spring Comes
Genre: Romance Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: KBS

Lee Jung Do's father is a swindler and intends to resume his old habits as soon as he got out of prison even though he has promised his son to go straight. Because of his father's record, LJD had a hard time finding jobs but he overcomes these obstacles, passes law exams, and becomes a prosecutor. Oh Young Joo is a detective and her precinct is in LJD's neighborhood. Kim Joon Ki who comes from a well off family is also keen to become a prosecutor. He meets OYJ through a blind date and has continued to pursue her even though she isn't interested. Moon Chae Ri is a small time swindler who hooks up with LJD's dad in his plan to do one last job before fulfilling his promise to his son to stay out of trouble.

Park Gun Hyung as Lee Jung Do
Lee Ha Na as Moon Chae Ri
Park Si Yeon as Oh Young Joo
Lee Han as Kim Joon Ki

Extended cast
Kim Gab Soo as Jung Do's father
Lee Soon Jae as Jung Do's grandfather
Kang Bu Ja as Lee Duk
Suh Hyo Rin as Chae Ri's friend
Lee Un
Seo Hyo Rim

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

하얀 거탑 / White Tower

Broadcast network: MBC

The story is about politics and power struggle among doctors at a hospital.Friends can switch allegience and enemies can turn supportive in split seconds. Dr.Jang Joon Hyeok (Kim Myung Min) was an ambitous surgeon who wanted nothing more than to be the department head when his boss retired.His effort was frustrated by his boss Dr. Lee who brought in Dr.Noh Min Guk (Cha In Pyo)from the States with the intention of letting him be the next department head. Dr. Lee's wife has also set her sight on Dr. Noh to be her future son-in-law whereas the daughter, Lee Yoon Jin (Song Sun Mi)has something else on her mind.Dr Choi Do Young (Lee Sun Gyun) was a good friend of Dr. Jang and he did not like to get involved in any of hospital's politics but only to concentrate on his work and heal patients.But when Dr. Jang was being sued by a patient's family for causing his death due to negligence, he joined force with Lee Yoon Jin to stand up for the patient's right at the risk of losing his post at the hospital and friendship.

Kim Myung Min as Jang Joon Hyeok
Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Do Young
Cha In Pyo as Noh Min Guk
Song Sun Mi as Lee Yoon Jin
Kim Bo Gyung as Kang Hee Jae
Lee Jung Gil as Lee Ju Won

Monday, 19 November 2007

키드갱 / Kid Gang

Genre: Comedy Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: OCN

Adapted from the Manhwa of the same name, "Kid Gang" is about the once most powerful crime organization in Korea. 'Tuesday Gang' who received an assignment to take care of a baby just before their court sentence ends in six months. Son Chang Min plays their leader, Ku Bong, while Lee Jong Soo and Lee Ki Woo portray the gang members, Hong Ku and Kal Nal. The drama will be focusing on the trials faced by the gang members who have never taken care of babies before.

Lee Ki Woo as Kal Nal
Son Chang Min as Ku Bong
Kim Bin Woo
Lee Jong Soo as Hong Ku
Baek Sung Hyun

연애의 발견 / Finding Love

Also known as: Love Discovery Genre: Romance Episodes: 4 Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Nov-16 to 2007-Dec
Air time: Fridays 13:10 (1:10 Korean time)

The drama is about four young people's stories of love, friendship, amidst reality and romance. Yoon Ji Min portrays a woman who wavers between her perfect lover, played by Alex, and her friend of 10 years played by Choi Min Yong. But Min Yong already has a fiancee, portrayed by Han Ye In.

Alex (알렉스)
Yoon Ji Min
Choi Min Yong
Han Ye In

Friday, 16 November 2007

그 여자가 무서워 / That Woman is Scary

Also known as: The Cold-Hearted Woman Genre: Romance Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2007

Choi Young Rim got into a car accident with her mom. She was driving and the car fell off a cliff and caught on fire. Her face was burned and her mom died. She got deserted by her boyfriend, Ha Kyung Po. Kyung Po deserts Young Rim for a rich girl, Baek Eun Mae. But Young Rim is pregnant with Kyung Po's child and she decides to have surgery get her face fixed so that she can get revenge. Baek Jung Jin is Eun Mae's cousin.

Yoo Sun as Choi Young Rim
Kang Sung Min as Ha Kyung Po
Choi Jung Yoon as Baek Eun Mae
Kim Yoo Suk as Baek Jung Jin

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

얼렁뚱땅 흥신소 / Evasive Inquiry Agency

Episodes: 16 Genre: Romance, comedy Broadcast network: KBS2

Moo Yeol is a taekwondo instructor who falls for Eun Jae at first sight when she comes and asks him to help her find gold treasures at the agency. Hee Kyung is a tarot card master and Yong Soo is a manhwa shop owner who passes his days with no dreams nor hopes but gets involved in the gold hunting simply for fun. Moo Yeol, Hee Kyung, and Yong Soo gather together at the empty Inquiry Agency office and they discover a dead corpse in the basement. The four of them later decide to start a treasure hunting project.

This is also a drama without a love story.

Lee Min Ki as Moo Yeol
Ye Ji Won as Hee Kyung
Ryu Seung Soo as Yong Soo
Lee Eun Song as Eun Jae
Extended Cast

Park Hee Soon as Baek Min Chul

와인따는 악마씨 / The Devil That Pours Red Wine

Also known as: The Devil that Drinks Wine Genre: Romance Episodes: 4
Broadcast network: MBC

Jin Ah Shim is a wine importer and the owner of the wine bar. He is chosen by the Devil. Min Soo Yun is his girlfriend and a sommelier. This drama will revolve around the daily work lives of the red wine specialists and their desires to succeed in the business.

Kang Sung Jin as Jin Ah Shim
Kim Jung Hwa as Min Soo Yun
Park Soo Jin as Ahn Chun Sa

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

강남엄마 따라잡기 / Catch A Kang Nam Mother

Also known as: Chasing After Kang Nam's Mothers Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 18 Broadcast network: SBS

Hyun Min Joo is a single mom who moved to Kang Nam for the sake of her son's education. Seo Sung Won is Min Joo's son's teacher and her tenant, who has looks and brains as well to make him a good catch in the eyes of many women. Han Soo Jin comes from a rich family background, and became a teacher with the purest intentions of wanting to provide an education for children. She is a physical education teacher and she becomes involved in a love comptetion with Min Joo for the affections of Sung Won.

Ha Hee Ra as Hyun Min Joo
Yoo Joon Sang as Seo Sung Won
Kim Sung Eun as Han Soo Jin
Jung Sun Kyung as Lee Mi Kyung
Im Sung Min as Yoon Soo Mi
Park Eun Bin as Lee Ji Yeon (Soo Mi's daughter)
Kim Il Woo as Do Sang Sik (Mi Kyung's husband)
Lee Min Ho as Do Joon Ong (Mi Kyung's son)
Kim Mi Ra as Choi Yi Young
Choi Soo Rin as Choi Il Young
Jang Jung Hee as Na Eun Mi (the school principal)
Kim Hak Joon as Lee Chang Hoon
Nam Yoon Jung as Jang Young Ja
Jung Eun Pyo as Lee Tae Goo

위대한 캣츠비 / The Great Catsby

Genre: Romance, comedy Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: TVN

The drama is an adaptation of a popular internet comic of the same name, The Great Catsby.

MC Mong as Catsby
Park Ye Jin as Persu
Kang Kyung Joon as Houndu
Jang Hyun Sung as Burdock
Kang Hae Min as Sun

Monday, 12 November 2007

Title: 행복한 여자 / Blissful Woman

Also known as: A Happy Woman Genre: Romance
Episodes: 58 Broadcast network: KBS2

Lee Ji Yeon has a natural, affirmative and bright personality and is an accessory designer. Kim Tae Seop is a dectective who is very quiet and is devoted to Ji Yeon after he falls in love with her. Ji Yeon is caught between two men.

Yoon Jung Hee as Lee Ji Yeon
Kim Suk Hoon as Kim Tae Seop
Jung Gyu Woon as Choi Joon Ho
Moon Jung Hee as Lee Ji Sook (Ji Yeon's sister)
Extended cast

Joo Hyun as Choi Hyun Doo (Joon Ho's father)
Kim Yoon Jung as Lee Ji Seon (Ji Yeon's sister)
Kim Yoon Kyung as Yoon Mi Ra
Jang Yong as Lee Jong Min
Kim Dae Sung as Lee Ji Hoon
Go Doo Shim as Park Won Hee (Ji Yeon's mother)
Kang Ji Sub as Jang Byung Gyu
Lee Mi Young as Byung Gyu's mother
Shin Dong Mi as Huh Jong Mi (Ji Yeon's friend)
Kim Jae Man as Hwang Dae Gil
Choi Ji Na as Moon Sun Young (Joon Sik's wife)
[edit]Production Credits
Producer: Kim Jong Chang

Sunday, 11 November 2007

아들찾아 삼만리 / Thirty Thousand Miles in Search of My Son

Genre: Romance, Comedy Episodes: 20 Broadcast network: SBS

Soo Young is a single mother who lost her son 5 years ago. She spends her time trying to find her lost son. Little does she know that Kang Kye Pil, the heir of a conglomerate, found her son 5 years ago and has been raising him ever since.

Soh Yoo Jin as Soo Young
Lee Hoon as Kang Kye Pil
Shin Ji Soo

Extended Cast
Oh Min Suk
Lee Chae Young

LE GRAND CHEF. ("Shikgaek")

Director Jeon Yoon-soo's previous films, Kiss Me Much and My Girl and I, did not make much of a splash with the public so, for his latest film, he is taking a step away from melodramas and entering the world of cooking. His new film stars Kim Kang-woo (The Aggressives, The Beast and the Beauty), Im Won-hee (Three... Extremes, Crying Fist), TV actress Lee Ha-na and Kim Sang-ho (Lump of Sugar, Mutt Boy) and looks at rivalry among chefs. Anticipation is rising for this film because it is based on a popular comic by Heo Young-man, who is now a hot property after another one of his works was adapted into the hit film Tazza: The High Rollers. Produced by Showeast, this film released on November 1.

달자의 봄 / Dal Ja's Spring

Also known as: The Spring of Oh Dal Ja Episodes: 22
Broadcast network: KBS2

‘Dalja’s Spring’ is the story of Dalja, a 33-year old single at a crossroad of whether to remain single or get married before she gets older. The drama aims to comically and candidly portray the reality and undying pursuit of romance of a thirty something single woman.

The love triangle of Dalja, Taebong and Gijoong brews conflicts over love versus marriage. Taebong, a hunk six years younger than Dalja, works as substitute dates and becomes Dalja’s fake boyfriend. Gijoong is the type who dreams of an ideal and rational courtship. The drama also highlights the life and work of women in their thirties through Dalja who is a talented managing director at a home shopping channel.

Chae Rim as Oh Dal Ja
Lee Min Ki as Kang Tae Bong
Lee Hyun Woo as Uhm Gi Joong
Lee Hye Young as Wee Seon Joo
Gong Hyeong Jin as Shin Sae Do
[edit]Extended Cast
Seo Yeong Hee as Jang Soo Jin
Kil Young Woo as Tae Bong's father
Kwon Ki Sun as Yeong Shim (Tae Bong's mother)
Kim Na Woon as Go Soon Ae (Oh Dal Ja's sunbae)
Jang Young Nam as Uhm Gi Joong's wife
Lee Kyung Jin as Jung Ae (Dal Ja's mother)
Kim Young Ok as Dal Ja's grandmother
Kim Sung Kyum as Tae Bong's grandfather
Oh Kyung Soo as the department director
Kim Jae Wook as Choon Ha (Tae Bong's friend)
Seo Yeong as Hong Ji Hee

별순검 / Byul Soon Geom

Also known as: Chosun Police Episodes: 20 Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Oct-13 to

The story revolves around investigative procedures in the late Chosun era. Kim Sa Yul, an elite detective with a sharp mind. He accepts the female lead character, Seo Eun, who is the daughter of his father's enemy.

Ohn Joo Wan
Park Hyo Joo

그래도 좋아 / Even So Love

Genre: Romance Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: MBC Broadcast period: 2007-Oct-01 to
Air time: Mondays to Fridays 7:50

Lee Hyo Eun is a shoe designer with a very complicated family. Her sister was adopted by her biological father's wife because she was unable to have children of her own. Hyo Eun was left to live through hardships with her mother. Her sister, Seo Myung Ji, lived in the life of luxury and begins to start a relationship with Yoon Seok Bin. Seok Bin is the son of Mr. Yoon, who works for Myung Ji's father. While Hyo Eun develops a love relationship with Seok Bin's half brother, Seok Woo. But Hyo Eun is already dating a dentist, Tae Joo.

Kim Ji Ho as Lee Hyo Eun
Lee Chang Hoon as Yoon Seok Woo
Go Eun Mi as Seo Myung Ji
Shim Hyung Tak as Yoon Seok Bin
Han Jin Hee as Mr. Yoon (Seok Woo's father)
Jung Ae Ri as Mrs. Jo (Seok Bin's mother)

못된 사랑 / Bad Love

Also known as: Mistake of Love / Wretched Love / Screwed-Up Love / Cruel Love
Previously known as: Good Love Episodes: 20 Genre: Romance
Broadcast network: KBS2

Na In Jung struggles with her love between the rather cold and rebellious Yong Ki and a successful businessman, Soo Hwan. Kang Yong Ki is a pop culture artist.

Kwon Sang Woo as Kang Yong Ki
Lee Yo Won as Na In Jung
Kim Sung Soo as Lee Soo Hwan
Cha Ye Reon
Extended Cast

Song Ok Sook
Kim Chang Wan

Saturday, 3 November 2007

사랑하기 좋은날 / Good Day To Love

Also known as: Love Day Broadcast network: SBS

Oh Mi Yeon
Jo Mi Ryung as Kim Myung Jin
Lee Ji Hyun as Kim Soo Jin
Oh Mi Kyung as Mom
Yoon Gi Won as Yang Jong Min (Myung Jin's husband)
Kim Sung Ryung as Kim Hyo Jin
Jung Ho Bin as Lee Jin Kook (Hyo Jin's husband)
Ban Hyo Jin as Hyo Jin's mother in law
Jang Dong Jik as Han Sung Jae
Jung Han Hun as Ma Man Geun
Kyung In Sun as Aunt

쩐의전쟁 / Money's Warfare

Also known as: War of Money Episodes: 20 Broadcast network: SBS

Geum Na Ra (Park Shin Yang) is a ruthless private moneylender. Seo Joo Hee (Park Jin Hee) is a righteous woman. When problems with her family's debts arise, Joo Hee was supposed to marry a divorced man to solve her family's financial problems. But on the day of the wedding, Geum Na Ra shows up to collect the debts and ends up ruining her plans. Joo Hee vows to take her revenge on him but she falls in love with him instead. Ha Woo Sung (Shin Dong Wook), also a moneylender, is a handsome young man who seem to have no worries in life. He and Geum Na Ra are rivals, in business and in love. Lee Cha Yeon (Kim Jung Hwa) is a money banker.

Adapted from Park Yi Kwon's manhwa, "War of Money"

Park Shin Yang as Geum Na Ra
Park Jin Hee as Seo Joo Hee
Shin Dong Wook as Ha Woo Sung
Kim Jung Hwa as Lee Cha Yeon

Extended Cast
Jung Soo Young
Lee Moon Shik
Lee Won Jong as Ma Dong Po (loanshark)
Shin Goo as Dokgo Chul (loanshark)
Lee Young Eun as Geum Eun Ji (Na Ra's sister)
Park In Hwan
Yeo Woon Kye as Madam Bong (Cha Yeon's grandmother)
Jung Jae Soon as Na Ra's mom
Nam Il Woo as Geum Sang Soo (Na Ra's dad)
Kim Ok Bin as Lee Soo Young (Bonus Round)
Chae Min Seo (Bonus Round)

꽃피는 봄이 오면 / When Spring Comes

Also known as: Flowers Bloom When Spring Comes
Genre: Romance Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: KBS

Lee Jung Do's father is a swindler and intends to resume his old habits as soon as he got out of prison even though he has promised his son to go straight. Because of his father's record, LJD had a hard time finding jobs but he overcomes these obstacles, passes law exams, and becomes a prosecutor. Oh Young Joo is a detective and her precinct is in LJD's neighborhood. Kim Joon Ki who comes from a well off family is also keen to become a prosecutor. He meets OYJ through a blind date and has continued to pursue her even though she isn't interested. Moon Chae Ri is a small time swindler who hooks up with LJD's dad in his plan to do one last job before fulfilling his promise to his son to stay out of trouble.

Park Gun Hyung as Lee Jung Do
Lee Ha Na as Moon Chae Ri
Park Si Yeon as Oh Young Joo
Lee Han as Kim Joon Ki

깍두기 / ggak-du-gi

Also known as: Kimcheed Radish Cubes
Genre: Romance Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: MBC Broadcast period: 2007-Aug-18 to
Air time: Saturdays & Sundays 19:55

Even though times change and our relationships with our family changes, our affection for them is timeless. The drama is about affection that is the foundation of family. Dong Jin is the eldest son in a family of 3 sons. He is dutiful and responsible but due to character clash, he has gone through divorce with his ex-wife, Ji Hye, whom he shares a child with. Dong Jin then starts a new romance with Eun Ho whom he works with.

Kim Seung Soo as Jung Dong Jin
Yoo Ho Jung as Yoo Eun Ho
Kim Bo Kyung as Seo Ji Hye

Extended Cast
Park Shin Hye as Jang Sa Ya
Kim Heung Soo as Jung Dong Sik (Han Mo's 2nd son)
Suh Joon Young as Jung Dong Min (Han Mo's 3rd son)
Lee Min Jung as Lee Min Do (Min Ki's sister)
Joo Sang Wook as Park Jae Woo (Soo Nam's son)
Kim Se Yoon as Jung Han Mo (Dong Jin's father)
Go Doo Shim as Na Geum Hee (Sa Ya's adopted mother / Dong Jin's step-mom)
Na Mun Hee as Na Dal Lae (Dong Jin's grandmother)
Seo In Seok as Lee Seung Yong (Min Ki's dad)
Choi Ran as Song Soo Nam
Kim Ja Ok as Choi Ji Sook (Min Ki's mom)
Park Jung Sook as Park Jae Young (Min Ki's wife)
Kim Jung Hak as Lee Min Ki
Kim Sung Kyum as Jung Gu Man (grandfather)

Production Credits
Script writer: Lee Duk Jae (이덕재)
Producer: Kwon Seok Jang (권석장)

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사랑하는 사람아 / The Person I Love

Also known as: People in Love Previously known as: I'll not Love
Episodes: 20 Broadcast network: SBS

Yoon Seok Joo is a producer who abandons his wife, Seo Young, to attain success. They have a daughter together but he later betrays Seo Young when he marries a rich man's daughter, Lee Jung Min. Lee Sang Min is an owner of a film company and is a new film director. He is also Jung Min's half brother. Sang Min will be a rival to Seok Joo in work and in love for Seo Young. Yoon Hyun Joo lost her dad at a young age and went through serious hardships and became a successful architect and is Seok Joo's sister. This drama is also about the lives of five siblings.

Kim Dong Wan as Yoon Seok Joo
Han Eun Jung as Kim Seo Young
Hwang Jung Eum as Lee Jung Min
Jo Dong Hyuk as Lee Sang Min

Extended Cast
Park Eun Hye as Yoon Hyun Joo
Hong Kyung Min as Yoon Tae Joo
Jang Jung Hoon as Yoon Chan Joo
Seo Hye Jin as Yoon Jin Joo
Yoon Yeo Jung as Yoon Min Ja (Seok Joo's aunt)
Cha Jin Hyuk as Park Chang Hoon
Yoon Hye Kyung as Yeo Choon Sa
Park Geun Hyung as Lee Sung Chul

외과의사 봉달희 / Surgeon Bong Dal Hee

Episodes: 18 Genre: Medical drama Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-17 to 2007-Mar-15
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Bong Dal Hee (Lee Yo Won) is a first year resident doctor who strives to become a surgeon despite her heart problem. She works under Dr. Ahn Jong Geun (Lee Bum Soo), a cardiac specialist, and even though they don't get off to a good start, the two grow fond of each other as time goes by. Dr. Lee Geon Wook (Kim Min Joon) divorced his wife, Dr. Jo Moon Kyung (Oh Yoon Ah), after he found out that his 6-year-old son was actually fathered by another man before they married. He still has feelings for her, but feels betrayed and cheated. This medical drama portrays the lives of resident doctors, their ups and downs, depicting crisis in a hospital as well as politics among its management staff.

Lee Yo Won as Bong Dal Hee
Lee Bum Soo as Ahn Joong Geun
Oh Yoon Ah as Jo Moon Kyung
Kim Min Joon as Lee Geon Wook

Extended Cast
Choi Yeo Jin as Jo A-ra
Kim Hae Sook as Yang Eun Jah (Dal Hee's mother)
Kim Jung Min as Bong Mi Hee (Dal Hee's sister)
Kim In Kwon as Park Jae Bum
Song Jong Ho as Lee Min Woo
Baek Seung Hyun as Kim Hyun Bin
Jung Wook as Jang Ji Hyuk
Park Geun Hyung as Lee Hyun Taek
Oh Man Suk as Oh Jung Min (guest star, ep13&14


Saturday, 20 October 2007

RADIO STAR / 라디오 스타

2006, 115 minutes
Director: Lee Jun-ik
Cast: Park Joong-hoon and Ahn Sung-ki

Rocker Choi Gon once topped the Korean charts. Now he’s crooning at a dingy Seoul café. A deal to DJ at a rural radio station could be the last nail in his professional coffin. Or, as poignant dramas like this have a way of suggesting, it could be the beginning of something new.

Festivals and Awards

2007 Grand Bell Awards— Best Actor (Ahn Sung-ki)
2007 Shanghai International Film Festival—Official Selection
2006 Korean Film Critics’ Awards—Best Actor (Ahn Sung-ki) and Best Original Sound Track
2006 Blue Dragon Awards—Best Actors (Ahn Sung-ki and Park Joong-hoon)
2006 Chunsa Film Awards—Critics’ Award

Director’s Filmography

The King and the Clown* (2005)—Director
Once Upon a Time on a Battlefield (2003)—Director


2007, 134 minutes
Director: Kim Myeong-joon

Hundreds of thousands of third- and fourth-generation ethnic Koreans live in Japan;
not fully Japanese, but not fully Korean either. Kim Myeong-joon’s documentary camera follows a group of these zainichi Korean students through a year at school as they try to find their place somewhere between Korea and Japan.

Festivals and Awards
2006 Pusan International Film Festival—Woonpa Award for Best Korean Documentary
2006 Indie Docu Festival—Official Opening Night Selection

Director’s Filmography
Flower Island (2001)—Cinematographer

Kang, Dong-Won

- Date of Birth : Jan.18,1981
- Etc. : 185cm / 68kg / B
- Debut : MBC [Majestic Lady] TV show

TV show
- Majestic Lady (MBC, 2003)
- Something about 1% (MBC, 2003)
- Magic (SBS, 2004)

- Don¡¯t trust her (2004)
- Temptation of Wolf (2004)

Music Video
- J 'Light'

Moon Hee

Play on MBC start 2007.02.24

Thee weekend drama series is a story of motherhood and sacrifice. The heroine Moon Hee is forced by impossible circumstances to leave the child that she gave birth to when only eighteen years old. On the verge of accomplishing everything – a marriage with the man she loves, success, and a vengeance complete, she is awakened to the love she bears for her lost child. The stories of two mothers, Jang Han-na and Moon Hee, reveal the love of a mother for her child, the sacrifices that love demands, and the truth that motherly love is not an innate quality, but something that must be nurtured and learned from at the same time, much like a child growing up. The drama intends to encourage the less-than-responsible mothers of our day, who know no sacrifice and sometimes go as far as to abandon their child, to think about the true meaning of motherhood.

Merry Mary

Live is short... Enjoy it while it lasts.
It’s pointless to waste your life when you won’t be living forever.
Life is long... So live it to the fullest.
What’s the point of living if you can’t have any fun? Having fun is the best medicine.

Anyway, everybody should enjoy life as much as they can. But have you found happiness in your life? Does happiness becomes yours by snatching it away from someone else?
Is happiness only rewarded to the winners in society like a winner’s trophy? Are ordinary folks forced to pursue happiness without ever finding it?
It’s especially hard to deal with a life where you are poor and that affects your relationship with the person you love.
Is that why we break the rules and try to stomp on people to get ahead in life?
No, that’s not right! Being fair and having a clear conscience is more important.
Those are the qualities that make me who I am!

Don’t you want to know what is more important in life than money and success? What kind of happiness will make your heart beat?

Although they have to swallow their pride to make a living by doing any job that comes their way, they are upright people who are working hard to reach their dreams!

This spring, meet a jolly couple.
We introduce you to Mary and Daegu, who will redefine the meaning of happiness.
Young people who live in your neighborhood... People who keep their chins up even though they are poor and live a tough life. A woman who is full of laughter! And a man who shines with happiness!
Meet their friendly neighbors. Try to feel the energy of their enthusiasm. Happiness is derived from hard work! You’ll discover happiness when you begin sharing. Flowers will bloom. Smile! It’s time to be happy with yourself.

Sung, Yoo-Ri

- Date of Birth : Mar.3, 1981
- Etc. : 168 cm / 45 kg / B
- Debut : ¡®Fingkle¡¯ Group singer

TV show
- First Love of a Royal Prince (MBC,2004)
- Millennium Deep Love (SBS, 2003)
- Bad Girls (SBS, 2002)

- 1st Blue Lain, Ruby, For my boyfriend
- 2nd Eternity love, Self-respect
- 2.5th To my prince
- 3rd NOW, Feel your love
- 3.5th Remake Album
- 4th Forever, never

Myung, Sae-Bin

- Date of Birth : Apr.10 , 1976
- Etc. : 168 cm / 47 kg / A - Debut : KBS TV show (1998)

TV show
- Marry Me (MBC,2004)
- To Inside the Sun ((SBS,2004)
- Who is my love? (KBS,2002)

- Purity, Paper Crane, Ghost
- I like her
- I love hot things
- But I love you

- Man¡¯s Smell, Chinese Restaurant

Music Video
- Lee, Ji Hoon ¡®Parting¡¯
- Kim, Bum Soo 'Promise'

Park, Jwang-Hyun

- Date of Birth : Oct.11, 1977
- Etc. : 177 cm / 67 kg / AB
- Debut : SBS Contest Gold Prize 1997

TV show
- Sweet Burns (MBC,2004)
- My Life¡¯s Illusion(MBC, 2003)
- That lights to me (MBC, 2002)
- Bad Girls (SBS, 2002)

- SBS Woman, Sook Hee and Jung Hee, Partner
- MBC Beggars, Jump
- KMTV Favorite song VJ
- MBC Live Music Camp MC
- SBS Medical Center

Opposites Attract

Now on MBC since 2007-07-16

An ambitious new TV series written by writer Lim Sung-han whose works include ‘Story of a Mermaid’ and ‘Love in Heaven’!
There are crimes happening every day... The law enforcement system is stretched to its limit... Prosecutors and detective analyze case after case to uncover the truth...

This TV series is a story revolving around the lives of prosecutors who work hard to uphold justice. It will show the humanism of prosecutors and the people they meet in all walks of life. It will also touch upon their love lives. The story plot will weave together different aspects of society to convey a strong message about what is true justice. Boo Gil-la (actor Kim Min-sung) develops feelings for Baek Shi-hang (actress Wang Hee-jee) who is a hard-working prosecutor...

Baek Shi-hyang / actress Wang Hee-jee
Seoul District Prosecutor
She’s a woman prosecutor who is highly regarded by her peers as one of the best district prosecutors. She is the pride of her family.
Since she was a young child, she stood out among her siblings as being smarter and prettier than them. She was the favorite child in her family. She was a high achiever and passed the bar exam to become a respected prosecutor but she works too hard for her own good.

Boo Gil-la / actor Kim Min-sung
Seoul District Prosecutor
A prosecutor who is analytical and sensible at the same time. He frequently wrangles with Shi-hyang at work. But he finds himself falling in love with Shi-hang when she impresses him with her dedication and commitment to her job.

Just Love

start on 2007. 8. 18 at MBC

is a story about broken, splintered families that have become increasingly common in these modern times and portrays a love story that people of all ages can relate to.

There are three main characters in the drama who are tied together through their past and present relationships. Jung Dong-jin (actor Kim Seung-soo), the leading male character, is a network director and a single dad who has a daughter named Da-som. He develops a close relationship with 'Yoo Eun-ho (actress Yoo Ho-jung), a widow who works as a scriptwriter for a radio program. But when his ex-wife, Seo Ji-hae (actress Kim Bo-gyeong), a TV host, appears in his life again after she returns from her studies abroad, the three people get involved in an awkward relationship. The families of all three people also know each other. Then Jang Sa-ya (actress Park Shin-hye) enters the picture and the situation gets more complicated...

The way that families love each other change over the times but family bonds always remain the same. This drama tells a warmhearted story about splintered families in these modern times.
And love is always the common theme in dramas.
Most people from the older generation regard youth as being too reckless in love while youth consider elderly people to be too conservative in their relationships. But the love among couples is only different in its appearance as it belies a common emotion. Couples get into fights but the reason they are fighting is usually because they care about each other in ways that foster misunderstandings. This drama will try to weave together a story that people of all generations can empathize with.
As life expectancy rises among the population and more people spend their years in retirement, it is paramount that people prepare a nest egg before the reach old age. What do parents need to change about themselves as they look ahead to a long retirement? Family dynamics change and adjustments need to be made in the structure of a family. These are some of the elements that will be portrayed in this drama.


2007, 112 minutes Director: Im Sang-soo
Cast: Yum Jung-ah and Ji Jin-hee

Lim Sang-soo cuts a rich tale of personal pathos from the fabric of Korea’s recent history with the story of Hyun-woo, re-entering society after 17 years in prison for activities as a political dissident. Yoon-hee, his lover and partner in the struggle, is dead. Visiting their old hiding places and re-reading her letters, however, Hyun-woo realizes that he’s not as lost as he thought he was.

Festivals and Awards
2007 San Francisco International Film Festival—Official Selection
2007 Cleveland International Film Festival—Official Selection
2007 Festival du Film Asiatique de Deauville—Official Selection
2007 Paeksang Arts Awards—Best Actress (Yum Jung-ah)
2006 San Sebastian International Film Festival—Official Selection

Director’s Filmography
The President’s Last Bang (2005)—Director
A Good Lawyer’s Wife (2003)—Director
Tears (2000)—Director
Girls’ Night Out (1998)—Director