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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Just Love

start on 2007. 8. 18 at MBC

is a story about broken, splintered families that have become increasingly common in these modern times and portrays a love story that people of all ages can relate to.

There are three main characters in the drama who are tied together through their past and present relationships. Jung Dong-jin (actor Kim Seung-soo), the leading male character, is a network director and a single dad who has a daughter named Da-som. He develops a close relationship with 'Yoo Eun-ho (actress Yoo Ho-jung), a widow who works as a scriptwriter for a radio program. But when his ex-wife, Seo Ji-hae (actress Kim Bo-gyeong), a TV host, appears in his life again after she returns from her studies abroad, the three people get involved in an awkward relationship. The families of all three people also know each other. Then Jang Sa-ya (actress Park Shin-hye) enters the picture and the situation gets more complicated...

The way that families love each other change over the times but family bonds always remain the same. This drama tells a warmhearted story about splintered families in these modern times.
And love is always the common theme in dramas.
Most people from the older generation regard youth as being too reckless in love while youth consider elderly people to be too conservative in their relationships. But the love among couples is only different in its appearance as it belies a common emotion. Couples get into fights but the reason they are fighting is usually because they care about each other in ways that foster misunderstandings. This drama will try to weave together a story that people of all generations can empathize with.
As life expectancy rises among the population and more people spend their years in retirement, it is paramount that people prepare a nest egg before the reach old age. What do parents need to change about themselves as they look ahead to a long retirement? Family dynamics change and adjustments need to be made in the structure of a family. These are some of the elements that will be portrayed in this drama.

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