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Thursday, 16 October 2008


Name : Solbi (real name: Kwon Ji-an)

Date of birth : Sep. 30, 1984
Height : 163cm
Hobbies : Listening to music, playing video games, traveling
Debuted as a vocal of group Typhoon in 2006

Solbi has won a wide following after showing her cute and charming personality on a TV reality show, “We Got Married.” Not wanting to be branded as just an entertainer, however, she has come back as a solo artist with her first solo mini album “Do It.” Unlike her lovely girlish image built in the reality show, Solbi brought out the mature and provocative side of her with hip hop dance pieces in her new album. The title song “Do It Do It” takes after the American style hip hop music, which is more sophisticated and mature than her songs released during her days as the vocal of Typhoon. But she also shows her musical talent with mellow R&B piece “Like a Star” and medium tempo “Half.”

Do It (mini album, 2008-09-11) : Half, Do it Do it, Like a Star, Cute Love, etc.

Source: kbs

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Nominees Announced for the 2008 Korea Drama Festival Awards

Nominees for the 2008 Korea Drama Festival Awards, scheduled for November 1st at Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province, were announced yesterday on October 7.

For the best acting award, nominees include respected actress Kim Hye-ja of “Angry Mom,” charismatic actor Choi Soo-jong of “Dae Joyoung,” acclaimed actors Kim Myung-min of “White Tower” and Jo Jae-hyun of “New Heart,” and top actresses Bae Jong-ok of “My Man’s Woman” and Kim Ha-neul of “On Air.”

Nominees for the best drama category include “Legend,” “Angry Mom,” “Dae Joyoung,” and “Gourmet.” Life time achievement nominees are Choi Bul-am, Baek Il-seop, Na Moon-hee, and Kang Bu-ja.

The first international festival for a single genre, the festival will feature a wide variety of interesting events, such as drama photo exhibition at the Jinju National Museum, Asian drama screening show, an international forum on Korean dramas, and a talent search.

source: kbs