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Saturday, 27 October 2012

What is Mom Korean Drama

Title: 우 엄마 가 뭐길래 / What is Mom
Genre: Family, Melodrama
Episodes: 100 +
Television stations: MBC
Showtimes: October 8, 2012 to 2013
Broadcast hours: Monday to Friday 19:45

                                What is Mom Korean Drama

This latest Korean drama tells the story of a mother who lived with her son again after losing her job.

Na Moon Hee is a noodle shop owner. Her children had lived in their homes each. But after losing a job, they returned home, living and working together in the noodle shop.


     Na Moon Hee as Na Moon Hee
     Kim Suh Hyung as Kim Suh Hyung
     Ryu Seung Soo as Ryu Seung Soo
     Kim Byung Man as Kim Byung Man
     L @ Kim Myung Soo as Kim Myung Soo
     Yoo Yun Suk as Yoo Yun Suk
     Kim Sae Ron as Kim Sae Ron


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