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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tasty Love Korean Drama

Title: Tasty Life
Other Titles: Father and Daughter
Genre: Family
Number of Episodes: 50 (To Be Confirmed)
TV Station: SBS
Showtimes: 2012-Apr-28 to 2012-Oct-14

tasty life korean drama

Korean Drama Synopsis Tasty Life

Life Story and Synopsis Tasty Korean drama tells the story of four girls who have experienced life until adulthood. The girls are already felt in love, marriage and the ups and downs of life.

Four of these girls is the son of a father who worked in a restaurant. But unexpectedly, the father is a detective and the children are not directly involved in the plight of a law enforcer. 


     Im Chae Moo actress Jang Sin Jo
     Actor Jang Yoon Jung Hee Seung Joo
     Ryu Hyun Kyung actor Jang Jung Hyun
     Yoo Da In actor Jang Hyun Joo
     Hyeri actor Jang Mi Hyun

Han Bong Soon's family

     Yoon Mi Ra Bong Soon pemeranHan
     Ye Ji Won cast of Oh Jin Joo
     Mid Eum Lee starring Oh Bong

In Goo's family Choi

     Park Geun Hyung actor Choi In Goo
     Won Jong Rye starring Hwang Geum Sook
     Choi Won Young actor Kang In Chul
     Yoo Yun Suk actor Choi Jae Hyuk
     Actress Choi Jin Seo Yoo Shin Young

Min Yong Ki's family

     Kim Hak Chul Min Yong Ki cast
     Actor Lee Eung Kyung Ran Jo Hye
     Actor Jung Joon Hyung Tae Min
     Lee Sung Min Woo Min Young cast

Players Other Tasty Life Korean Drama

     Jo Ahn Suk Hwan cast Pyung Goo
     Park Yoon Jae Lee Jae Bok player
     Lee Eun Hee starring Lee Hyo Ri
     Actor Bae Choi Kwon Sam Bong
     Actor Jo Hyun Yeom Seo Mi So
     Kim Min Gook Han Min Gook cast
     Hong Sung Sook Kang Yoo-kyung cast
     Suk Jin Yi actress Kim Hee Soo
     Kim Re Ah starring Lee Young Hee
     Actor Bae Jang Hwan Kim Hwan
     Jung Yoo Suk actor Hong Suk Goo
     Heo Joon Suk Tae Goon cast
     Han Sung Bae Yong Choon cast
     Kang Chang Mook actor fourth driver

Production Credits

     Chief Producer: Park Hyung Ki
     Producer: Kim Kwang Soo, Lee Sung Hoon
     Director: Woon Goon Il
     Screenwriter: Kim Jung Eu

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