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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Daily Series KBS: One million roses

Feeling anxious all through the engagement ceremony, Keum-ja finds herself unable to smile. Looking at his children from the distance, Tae-il is saddened at the realization that his family manages to do well without him. Yoo-kyung, along with Hae-sung, makes an impromptu visit to Hae-sung's mother at home. Calling her a mother-in-law, Yoo-kyung tries to induce her to approve of their marriage. While finding Yoo-kyung's extroverted personally rather amiable, Keum-ja hesitates to give an answer. Meanwhile, realizing that the ring on Hae-ran's finger is not the one she gave, Gwui-bun yells at Soon-young, accusing her for stealing it

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