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Friday, 11 January 2008

불한당 / Robber

Also known as: Thief / Con Man / Bandit / Scoundrel
Chinese title : 歹徒 Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: SBS Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-02 to 2008-Feb-21
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)

Kwon Oh Joon is a swindler who falls for a widow with a 5 year old daughter, Jin Dal Rae. Dal Rae lives with her daughter and mother in law after her husband passes away. Oh Joon is a suave man who can talk women into doing anything.

Lee Da Hae as Jin Dal Rae,Jang Hyuk as Kwon Oh Joon,Kim Eun Joo as Young Sook,
Kim Jung Tae as Kim Jin Gu

Extended Cast
Hong Kyung In as Kim Man Du (Oh Joon’s friend),Yoo Jin as Soon Dae (Dal Rae’s aughter),Ma Dong Seok,Jung Gyu Woon as Dal Rae’s husband

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