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Monday, 18 June 2012

Korean Drama: 총각네 야채가게 / Chonggakne Yachaegage/ Bachelor's Vegetable Store

Bachelor's Vegetable Store
"Bachelor's Vegetable Store" departing from the true story of Lee Young Suk who started his business by selling vegetables in small stores in 1998 and now has 33 franchise stores throughout Korea. The book tells the story of his struggle had been published in 2003, and now her story is poured into a drama.

Ji Chang Wook as Han Tae Yang
- Oh Jae Moo as Han Tae Yang (child)
Wang Ji Hye as Jin Jin Shim / Mok Ga On
Lee Se Young as Han Tae In
Kim Young Kwang as Lee Seul Woo
Park Soo Jin as Jung Dan Bi

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