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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A Thousand Day Promise Korean Drama

A Thousand Day Promise Korean Drama

A Thousand Day Promise Korean Drama opened with a day where Park Ji Hyung (Kim Rae Won) and Lee Seo Yeon (Soo Ae) decided to split up on their last date, because the wedding date of Park Ji Hyung with his fiancee, Noh Hyang Ki (Jung Yoo Mi) already decided by their family.

Time passed, Seo Yeon then continued her life even though she can not forget Ji Hyung. But she started having quite troublesome conditions such as often missed cell phones, forgot to send email to work, forgetting to put something, and even almost made her apartment on fire because  forgot to turn off the stove when leaving the apartment. Not only that, Seo Yeon had headaches so decided to check into the hospital.

The results of the examination is that she got Alzheimer's disease / Dementia (senility). Seo Yeon do not trust the doctor's diagnosis was because she was only 30 years old. She also ignored the doctor advice for treatment.

Realizing that his love on Seo Yeon is so deep, and know the condition of disease experienced Seo Yeon, Ji Hyung finally taking the big step,he: cancel his marriage to Hyang Ki exactly two days before the wedding day and married with Seo Yeon despite
vehement opposition from his parents and even from Seo-yeon herself.

Seo Yeon began to forget the little things, even dare to hold the baby because  fear that she would throw away or put it in any place. Here will be seen the struggle and perseverance Ji Yeon Seo Hyung care.
Despite her distressing condition, the couple tries to hang on to love and experience it to the end.

Episode per episode of A Thousand Day Promise Korean Drama  would make anyone who watched cry. Very touching.


    Soo Ae as Lee Seo-yeon
    Kim Rae-won as Park Ji-hyung
    Lee Sang-woo as Jang Jae-min, Seo-yeon's cousin
    Park Yoohwan as Lee Moon-kwon, Seo-yeon's brother
    Jeong Yu-mi as Noh Hyang-gi
    Oh Mi-yeon as Seo-yeon's aunt
    Kim Hae-sook as Kang Soo-jung, Ji-hyung's mother
    Lee Mi-sook as Oh Hyun-ah, Hyang-gi's mother
    Moon Jung-hee as Jang Myung-hee, Seo-yeon's cousin
    Im Chae-moo as Park Chang-joo, Ji-hyung's father
    Park Yeong-gyu as Noh Hong-gil, Hyang-gi's father
    Yoo Seung-bong as Seo-yeon's uncle-in-law
    Jung Joon as Cha Dong-chul, Myung-hee's husband
    Yang Han-yeol as Myung-hee's son
    Kim Boo-seon as Seo-yeon's biological mother
    Jang Hyun-sung as Seo-yeon's doctor
    Song Chang-ui as Noh Young-soo, Hyang-gi's brother
    Alex Chu as Son Suk-ho, Ji-hyung's friend
    Oh Kyung-soo as Seo-yeon's chief editor


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