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Friday, 4 January 2013

The Chaser Korean Drama

The Chaser Korean Drama

The Chaser Korean Drama
For those of you who like Korean drama detective genre, in 2012 there was another  Korean SBS drama 'The Chaser', starring stars such as experienced in their field, Son Hyun Joo (Perfect Spy) and Kim Sang Jung (City Hunter). Directed by Jo Nam Kook cold hand (Lie To Me) and the writing of the manuscript by Park Kyung Soo (The Legend).  This drama got Daesang at SBS Drama Award 2012.

Here's more detail drama.

Detective Baek Hong Suk lost his beloved daughter who was 15 years old in a car accident and his wife died of shock after the incident. He then seek the truth relating to the death of her daughter and learned that his death was linked to a conspiracy.

Reporter Seo Ji Won is the daughter of the owner of a large company. He helped Hong Suk Baek detective to uncover the truth of his daughter's death. While uncovering the story, he learns that her brother-Kang Dong Yoon, the presidential candidate, was involved in a corruption case, he was later involved in a conflict between his family with the truth.

     Son Hyun Joo as Baek Hong Suk
     Kim Sang Jung as Kang Dong Yoon
     Go Joon Hee as Seo Ji Won
     Kim Sung Ryung as Seo Ji Soo
     Jang Shin Young as Shin Hye Ra
     Park Hyo Joo as Detective Jo
     Kang Shin Il as Detective Hwang
     Ryu Seung Soo as Choi Jung Woo

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