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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Case Number 113 Korean Drama 2013

Case Number 113 Korean Drama 2013
Title: 사건 번호 113 / Case Number 113
Chinese Title: 案件 编号 113
Genre: Family, Mystery, Crime
Episodes: 2
Broadcast network: SBS
Airing Period: 30-May-2013 (sequential / direct 2 eps)
Showtimes: Thursday / 22:00

Summary of
Case Number 113: 
Based on the novel of the Ryu Sung Hee, its tell about murder case that leads to quarrels and forgiveness from the family and focuses on the relationship between parents and their children.

Kang Hee Kyung is a famous Surgeon from University Hospital. Her husband died suddenly in a car crash with his mistress and he was shocked by the accident. Since then, he devotes an excessive love on their only daughter and this has negative consequences on her daughter. Daughter engage in sex and drugs. He then killed someone by accident and then protect her daughter's involvement in the murder. Prosecutors and detectives try to find the truth behind the case, in which the bodies have not been found.


Ki Tae Young as Jang Joon Suk

Kim Min Seo as Seung Joo
Han Yi as Yoo Eun Hye Ri
Philip Lee Gyu Choi as Ra
Yun Je Wook as Ki Joon
Kim Mi Sook as Kang Kyung Hee

Production Credits
Director: Park Yong Sun
Scriptwriter: Ryu Sung Hee


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