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Sunday, 30 June 2013

오로라 공주 / Ohrora Gongjoo / Princess Aurora

Title: 오로라 공주 / Ohrora Gongjoo / Princess Aurora
Genre: Family, romance, comedy
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-May-20 to 2013 to
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15 

Princess Aurora
Oh Ro Ra (Jun So Min) is the beloved daughter of a big company’s president. She falls in love with a perfect but picky novelist, Hwang Ma Ma (Oh Chang Suk). This drama will tell the story between these two family.

Princess Aurora

Princess Aurora Korean Drama


오로라 공주 / Ohrora Gongjoo / Princess Aurora
Jun So Min as Oh Ro Ra 
Emperor Foods' precious late born only daughter, 
with three married older brothers.
She has the monopoly on cuteness in the family since young.She grew up with a clear a nd incisive character, and is more rational and clever than anyone else in the household.She is the family's fixer, and wields her parents' power and authority, despite being the youngest and a girl.

Actor: Park, Young - Kyu
Park Young Kyu as Oh Wang Sung
Emperor Foods' eldest son.
Aurora's eldest brother.
He's afraid of his father, the Emperor Foods chairman Oh Dae San, and avoids offending his opinion and acts like a pacifist

Actors: sonchangmin
Son Chang Min as Oh Geum Sung
Emperor Foods' second son.
Aurora's second brother.
Naeyeonnyeo of hungry and dreaming of the Second Life design.

Actors: ohdaegyu
Oh Dae Gyu as Oh Soo Sung
Emperor Foods' third son.
Aurora's youngest elder brother.Unlike his two elder brothers, had the delicate nature of the brothers 'sister' call, the owner of a somewhat feminine emotions

 배우 : 변희봉 
Byun Hee Bong as Oh Dae San
Chairman of Emperor Food conglomerate.A rather typical austere patriarch.He is weak when it comes to his youngest, his daughter Oh Ro-ra

Actors: seowoorim
Seo Woo Rim as Sa Im Dang
Oh Dae San's wife. 
Intellectual and calm in nature.
Emperor Foods' hostess

Actors: yisangsuk,
Lee Sang Sook (이상숙) as Jang Yun Shil 
Emperor Foods eldest daughter-in-law, Oh Wang Sung's wife


Actors: yiahhyeon
Lee Ah Hyun as Lee Kang Sook
Emperor Foods second daughter-in-law, Oh Geum Sung's wife.
She has great pride in her body and likes luxury.
She has a big headache because her husband Oh Geum Sung wants a divorce

Starring: Lee, Hyun - Kyung
Lee Hyun Kyung as Kim Sun Mi
Emperor Foods third daughter-in-law, Oh Soo Sung's wife


Hwang Ma-Ma's Family

Actors: ohchangseok,
Oh Chang Suk as Hwang Ma Ma 
Faceless pseudonym as a best-selling author. Reluctant to expose and there are few who know his appearance externally. Handsome  and has good voice.

Actors: Kim Bo - Yeon
Kim Bo Yun as Hwang Shi Mong 
Huang mom big sister who runs a French restaurant 'Versailles' owner chef, the owner of an elegant and relaxing nature.

Actors: bakhaemi
Park Hae Mi as Hwang Mi Mong
 Huang Mama's second sister married the sculptor. I have bad memories about accidentally bumped into the 'Laura'.

Actors: gimhyeeun
 Kim Hye Eun as Hwang Ja Mong
 The third sulfur mom, sister singers and instructors. And yet is attractive enough as a single self-confidence as a Gold Miss pursuit of splendor.

* Park Sa-Gong's Family

Actors: imyejin
Ye Jin as Wang Yeo Ok
The punters and Jiyoung chinmo. Between the ex left hungry and uncomfortable, but the hostess the Eastern Clinic of the house remarried father and of hungry. You are waiting for the day in small doses, pretending to be affectionate, but for the hungry, hungry for revenge.
Actors: gimjeongdo,
Kim Jung Do as Park Sa Gong
Acupuncturist. Son of yeook. Vice President of the East Clinic.Gentle and kind son to pride of yeook.

Actors: jeongjuyeon,
Jung Joo Yun as Park Ji Young
Ministry of Culture of the newspaper reporters. The daughter of yeook his hungry to ignore the yeook of a lot of complaints. The daily half-sister to the hungry, and wars punishment neura Day is the day hell.

Actors: sinjuah
Shin Joo Ah as Park Joo Ri
Costum designer. Stepdaughter yeook. Days defy all kinds of mischief inside the home to the stepmother and her daughters, Venus in front of the girls fell in love with the heavenly.

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