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Tuesday, 11 September 2007


('Heoseu') The lives and broken dreams of three Korean women named 'Gina' are examined in Kim Jeong-joong's first feature length film. Director Kim is well known for his short films such as Today, Mostly Sunny and Listening To The Voice Of The Wind which have been screened at prominent international film festivals. Although opening and closing in the Korean countryside, the film is primarily shot in LA, Las Vegas and Alaska. It stars Kim Hye-na (Flower Island, Into The Mirror) as Gina LA, Elizabeth Weisbaum (Life Is Short) as Gina Las Vegas and Susie Park (Getting Hal) as Gina Alaska. It also features Will Yun Lee (Elektra) and Karl Yune (Anaconda 2). This movie screened at JIFF and will receive a limited release via Sponge on August 2

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