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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

윤은혜 / Yoon Eun-hye (Yun Eun-hye)

Nicknames: “JamGgoDae”(Stick), “Pooh”
Profession: Actress, Singer, Model
Birthdate: October 3, 1984
Place of Birth: South Korea
Religion: Christian
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Star Sign: Aquarius
Blood type: O
Family: Parents, younger brother
Yoon Eun Hye entered the entertainment industry since she was 15 (in 1999), as the last member of a Kpop girl group called Baby VOX. She was the youngest member and was assigned the baby role of the group. She recorded 4 albums with the band before leaving the group in July 2005 to persue her acting career. Yoon Eun Hye had her first major acting in a drama, Goong or Princess Hour, as Shin Chae-gyung. It became a big hit Asia-wide after it was aired in many Asian countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Philipines, etc. Yoon has become so popular since then and even was cheered to be a real couple with Joo Ji Hoon, her co-star in Goong. Her second acting role is in a movie called Escaping from Charisma, act as Han Su, the tough girl. She gained more and more fans base on the role she play in the drama and movie. The third acting role is in a drama called The Vineyard Man, as Lee Ji Hyun. Yoon Eun Hye had improved her acting skill so much in this drama, even though it was underrated. She recieved a Grime Best Actress Award for this drama, The Vineyard Man. She truly deserved.
TV Series
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (MBC, 2007)
The Vineyard Man (KBS2, 2006)
Goong (MBC, 2006)
Rainbow Romance (MBC, 2005) sitcom
The Legend of Seven Cutter/Escaping from Charisma (2006)
DHC Korea
LG Telecom
Samsung Happy Together
Green Tea
Domino’s Pizza
Hobbies: Watching movies, writing letters, taking pictures
Talent: Art, drawing animations
Education: Joong Kyung High School, Kyung Hee Cyber University
Yoon Eun-hye was formerly in Baby VOX, she was the last member to join. She stayed with the group from 1999 until 2005.
2006 KBS Acting Awards: New Actress Award
2006 KBS Acting Awards: Best Couple Award with Oh Man Suk
2006 MBC Drama Awards: New Actress Award
2006 Grime Award: Best Actress (The Vineyard Man)

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