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Saturday, 15 September 2007


Height : 167cm, Weight : 45kg
TV Series
SBS A woman detective 8080 (1992),SBS The age of passion (1992),SBS Far River Songba (1993),MBC General Hospital (1994),MBC A special summer evening program, 'M' (1994)
MBC Last lover (1994),HBS Little heroes (1995),MBC Between siblings (1996)
KBS An angel in my heart (1997),MBC Mountain (1997)
SBS A one-act play, 'Two mothers' (1997),KBS When you call me (1997)
MBC Best theater 'A thief of Solomon' (1997),ABC Love (1998),MBC See and see again (1998),MBC Best Theater, 'Once in a life time' (1999),SBS A Sweet bride (1999),MBC Bad friends (2000),MBC Best theater 'Dongbo's blue bird' (2000),KBS Purple sun (2000)
MBC Ondal princes (2000),Japan FujiTV Wind from a channel (2001),SBS Myth (2001)
KBS Sunshine hunting (2002),SBS A river runs through it (2002),SBS First love (2003)
MBC The age of heroes (2004)

The charming girl (2004)
The big scene (2005)
Love talk (2006)
Romance (2006)
To the fall (2006)

Pocari sweat
Hansung Industrial Co.,Ltd.
All for you

Jinjoo's 2nd album (1999)
Dongryul Kim's 3rd album (2001)
Gummy's 2nd album (2004)

KBS excellent actress (1997)
MBC Best actress (1998)
SBS excellent actress (2002)

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