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Saturday, 1 September 2012

10 most handsome Korean Actors

Here list of 10 most handsome Korean Actors:

1. Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin  named after sticking sharp role in the drama "Secret Garden"

 hyun bin

2. Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun charismatic actor's success with new drama "The Moon that Embraces the Sun"

kim soo hyun 

3. Kim Hyun Joong

One famous actor for his role as Baek Seung Jo in the drama "Playful Kiss"

Kim Hyun Joong
4. Won Bin

His nickname as 'Beautiful Actor' famous for his play "Autumn Tale"
won bin
5.Kim Jaejoong

Personnel boyband 'JYJ' was able to show his acting talent in the serial drama "Protect the Boss"
Kim Jaejoong
6.Jung Il Woo

Jung Il Woo known for his role as the angel of death in the serial drama "49 Days"
Jung Il Woo
 7.Lee Min Ho

This handsome actor is busy preparing for the new drama "Faith"
lee min ho
8. Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi midst gain success with Ha Ji Won in the drama "The King 2 Hearts"
Lee Seung Gi   
9.Kim Bum

Actor Kim Bum is famous for 'Killer Smile' it in the serial drama "Boys Over Flowers"
Kim Bum
10.Jang Geun Seuk

Jang Geun Seuk is Korean Artist starring in a series, one new drama "Love Rain"
jang geun seuk

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