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Friday, 28 September 2012

TVXQ Released 6th Album “Catch Me”

TVXQ catch me

After long-awaited, TVXQ finally  comeback with the release of their album 6th album and have revealed new MV for the track "Catch Me". 

Although not yet sold it offline, fans can purchase their music through the Genie, Mel0n, Naver and other digital music content provider. 

As reported previously, their sixth album will contain 11 tracks, namely:
1. Catch Me
2. 인생 은 빛났다 (Viva)
3. Destiny
4. 비누 처럼 (Like a soap)
5. I do not know (Korean ver.)
6. 꿈 (Dream)
7. How are you
8. Getaway
9. I swear
10. Gorgeous
11. Good Night.
Immediately, lets watch the latest MV of TVXQ and support them by buying the original album !

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