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Monday, 24 September 2012

KOREAN DRAMA 아이러브 이태리 / I Love Lee Tae Ri

아이러브 이태리 / I Love Lee Tae Ri

  • Title: 아이러브 이태리 / I Love Lee Tae Ri
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast Network: tvN

This drama tells the story of a normal child who was aged 14 years named Eun-Geun Deong, had dream as a swimmer, fell in love and have a perfect family idol. Top family wishes one day she was engaged to a girl (Ha Soon-sim) is seven years her elder. Eun-dong could have refused but he was happy to accept the engagement.

How Does the leader turns to her betrothed a girlband on the rise named AppleHead. When the day arrives engagement Eun-dong of course thrilled, but in contrast to Soon-sim in the day that he had an important gig for the opening of a museum (it turns off too) which is owned by none other than Lee Tae-ri. Lee Tae-ri is the grandson of the owner of the CLS group had just returned from Milan after knowing if kekeknya died. As an heir to wealth and a new management company to take care of her auto companies and the official owner of a clock antique relics of the past that would be on display at the newly opened museum named Dae Dong Museum.Tae-ri long stay in Italy because once broken heart (a former secretary apparently love it) and it makes hate and do not trust anymore for love. Meetings and Tae Eun-dong-ri happening in front of an antique clock that actually has the power to grant a person if put together with a necklace of the sun in the middle there is a crescent shaped pendant (as Eun-song Taeri mistaken as Soon-sim and a hug from back). When they embraced a strange thing happened at the move (plus pendant necklace gleaming and well you know) in the state of nature barengi arrived - got changed, as if stating there will be changes.And indeed it turned out the next day when Eun-dong were practicing in the pool he arrived - got turned into a handsome young man 25 years old, which certainly makes the teacher was surprised to see it sitting practice (Melepasmu arrived - arrived has choco abs and muscles cool thereof). At the same time it turned out after the desires of Eun-dong clock was damaged and the news appeared in the newspaper this makes Tae-ri angry and thought Eun-donglah culprit then find, after they met initially Tae-ri did not believe Eun-dong can be changed into adulthood. Well to restore the clock function plus make Eun-dong (renamed Min-soo) back into shape then Eun-dong decided to stay close to Tae-ri is to be bodyguradnya.

So what happens next if Eun-dong will return to the good old original denagn same hour? When Tae-ri found the locket all be back to normal? Is Eun-dong/Min-soo can hook the heart Soon-sim with the current appearance? Are togetherness and Tae-ri-ri Eun-dong/Min-soo or Tae Seung-jae and will restore confidence Tae-ri will love? Well the answer petanyaan - that question can only be answered if we are watching a romantic comedy and drama combined fantasy


    Park Ye Jin as Lee Tae Ri
Kim Ki Bum as Geum Eun Dong / Min Soo
Yang Jin Woo as Choi Seung Jae
JUB as Ha Soon Shim
Im Ho as Geum San
Woo Sang Jun (우상전)
Kim Yong Hoon (김용훈) as Manager of Moon
Lee Moon Soo as Sa Geum Rights
Soy as Na Hong Shil
Jang Young Nam as Oh Mi Ja
Jang Seo Won as Hwang Min Gook

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