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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Korean Celebrities Before And After Make Up

Some of the photos before and after make-up of celebrities Korean origin have appeared various online communities. Although South Korea is famous for the many women who have plastic surgery, but celebrities still showed his innocence seem natural. A lot of celebrities are proud to share their photos without make up on Twitter, they flaunt flawless porcelain skin naturally. While others look without wearing make-up when she was at the airport.
Song Ji Hyo

1. Song Ji Hyo revealed her face without makeup on SBS's "​​Running Man" on numerous occasions. Many people have commented that the actress is always casual and tomboy looks prettier without makeup.

2. Eugene seen showing off her face without makeup on her personal website

Han Hye Jin
3. On the way to London to film SBS "Healing Camp Special London Olympics," actress Han Hye Jin came to the airport with a convenient way, with menguncir ambutnya back and proudly show her face without makeup.

Jin Se Yeon

4. Jin Se Yeon "Bridal Mask" looks like an adorable baby with big eyes and clear skin.

T-ara's Eunjung

 5. T-ara's Eunjung seen throwing his typical eyeliner and other makeup products while at the airport.


6. Former member of After School, Kahi shared a picture that is not bermake up on his Twitter. Many have observed that she looked like actress Jung Ryeo Won in the photo.
 Girl's Generation Taeyeon
7. Girl's Generation Taeyeon emits a different appeal without makeup.

Kang Min Kyung

8. Kang Min Kyung Davichi have shared your face without make-up is on his Twitter a few times, and managed to draw attention to the face and flawless like a doll.

Who is the most beautiful actress without wearing make-up do you think?

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