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Thursday, 27 September 2012

King's Dream Korean Drama

korean drama king's dream
Korean Drama King's Dream

Title: 대왕 의 꿈 / King's Dream 
Also known as: The Great King's Dream / Dream of the Emperor
Formerly known as: 태종 무열왕 / King Taejong Muyeol 
Genre: History 
Episode: 80 (in confirmation) 
Television stations: KBS1 
Showtimes: 8 September 2012 - June 9th, 2013
Hourly rate: Saturday & Sunday 21:40 

King's Dream is a warrior drama that tells the warriors at that time and about Kim Yoo Sin (Kim Yoo Suj) and Choo Choon Kim (Choi Soo Jong) in alliance with the Tang Dynasty to destroy Baekjae and create a golden era for the national culture.  


Choi Soo Jong as Kim Choon Choo
Park Joo Mi as Queen Seon Duk
Choi Chul Ho as King Uija
Kim Yoo Suk as Kim Yoo Shin
Lina as Queen Munmyeong
Kim Ha Kyoon as King Jinpyeong
Production Credits:

Director: Shin Chang Suk
Sceenwriter: Yoo Dong Yoon

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