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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Hello, God

KBS 2006

Haru ~ Yoo Keon
Seo Eun-hye ~ Kim Ok-bin
Park Dong-jae ~ Lee Jong Hyuk
Chang Pil-koo ~ Kang Shin-il

Haru (Yoo Keon) is a mentally challenged young man with an IQ of 65 points and the emotional age of a seven-year-old. He misses his mom, who abandoned him at a bus stop after buying him a strawberry ice-cream, and dreams of becoming a bus driver so that he can go meet with his mom someday. One day, he falls in love with the swindler Eun-hye (Kim Ok-bin), who disguises herself as a teacher of mentally retarded students to avoid police. To win her heart, Haru undergoes a high-risk surgery conducted by psychosurgeon Dong-jae (Lee Jong-hyuk). The surgery ends successfully, and Haru is reborn into a genius with an IQ of 180 points. He also becomes rich and famous, but turns out that is not enough to make him happy.

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