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Sunday, 24 June 2007

Kindergarten Love a.k.a. Great Expectations

Kang Hyun-sae ~ Kim Jae Won
Yoo Mi-rae ~ Han Ji Min
Ko Ah-ra ~ Lee Mi Sook
Choi Si-wan ~ Kim Ji Hoon

Through its main character, former gangster and currently novice kindergarten teacher Kang Hyun-se, this drama criticizes the negative aspects of early child education, which prioritizes knowledge over character, and shows what children really need. It opens the possibility of alternative education by portraying how Hyun-se transforms from a hopeless gangster into a warm-hearted kindergarten teacher played by Kim Jae-won. The role of his colleague, Yoo Mi-rae, who keeps making mistakes, is played by Han Ji-min. Mi-rae’s ex-boyfriend, the ambitious Shi-wan, attempts to take over the kindergarten and hampers the two people from loving each other. Actress Lee Mi-sook portrays Ko Ah-ra, the director of the kindergarten who has her own philosophy about education and does her best to protect the kindergarten. She even stands up against powerful people who want to destroy the kindergarten to gain profits.

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