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Sunday, 24 June 2007

Successful Story of a Bright Girl,SBS 2002

Cha Yang-soon ~ Jang Na Ra
Han Ki-tae ~ Jang Hyuk
Yoon Na-hee ~ Han Eun Jung
Han Jun-tae ~ Ryu Su Young
Song Suk-koo ~ Yoon Tae Young
Hwang Bo-bae ~ Chu Ja Hyun

This drama is the story about Yang Soon. Her parents are swindlers (con artists) who always think of ways of cheating people out of their money. In spite of her less than stellar role models, she is a courageous and strong-minded girl who looks after her grandmother.
As a result of some local villagers being swindled by her parents, Yang-Soon was sent to Seoul to be a housemaid for a wealthy family. When she arrives at the house, she discovers that she is instead the maid for a man in another house, Ki-tae. Ki-tae, whose parents died while he was young, is only son of the co-founder of a big cosmetics company.
Due to a previous unusual encounter in Yang-soon's hometown, they have already developed a strong dislike for each other. So when Ki-tae opposes Yang-Soon in every way and makes her life excruciatingly difficult, a series of events happens that changes their lives forever.
It is a story about betrayal, deceit, perseverance and ultimately peace.

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