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Monday, 25 June 2007

Love so Divine

Story: Kyu-sik (Kwon Sang-woo) and his friend Seon-dal (Kim In-kwon) study to become a priest. While Kyu-sik takes this very seriously, his friend likes to hang out at parties. It's also his fault that Kyu-sik trips at the mess and breaks a calix which was sanctified by the pope himself. As a punishment Kyu-sik and Seon-dal have to serve at a church in the country under custodianship of father Nam (Kim In-mun) and try to prepare for their ordination.
Kyu-sik one day meets totally drunk Bong-hee (Ha Ji-won) in a church, who immediately falls on the future priest which for the now entering nun looks like the two are kissing.
It turns out that Bong-hee is the niece of father Nam and just came back from America to visit her boyfriend. Kyu-sik is lucky, because there is no further punishment for his "behaviour".
However, Bong-hee gets dumped by her boyfriend and now works at the church to earn some money in order to buy a ticket and get back to America. Naturally, Kyu-sik oftentimes clashes with Bong-hee. Kyu-sik makes it his business to guide this lost sheep back to the right path. Yet, when father Nam tells him that he has to convince Bong-hee to get baptized he gets into trouble, because Bong-hee and her impiety is not an easy case to take on.

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