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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Shoot for the Stars,SBS

Starring:Sora ~ Jeon Do Yeon,Sung Tae ~ Cho In Sung,Bada ~ Park Sang Myun

Love and show business collide in the SBS TV Series Shoot for the Stars! Film star Jeon Do Yeon (Untold Scandal, Happy End) stars as Sora, a 29 year-old woman who has no job, career, or academic pedigree, and longs only to be married to a man she can call her true love. Her chance arrives when she meets Sung Tae (Cho In Sung of Lover's Concerto), a waiter and wannabe actor. He impresses Sora and her brother, a low-rent talent manager named Bada, who's played by comic actor Park Sang Myun (My Wife is a Gangster) in a winning dramatic role. Sung Tae also suffers from dyslexia, making script reading mighty difficult, but with Sora's support, Sung Tae finally does become an actor. However, when a relationship builds between the two, it inevitably leads to complications, and even a scandal...

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