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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

신 현모양처 / New Wise Mother, Good Wife

Also known as: Wise Mother Shin
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-May-28 to 2007-June-19

Kim Ho Jin will play Heo Myung Pil, an elite newspaper reporter but an immature and irresponsible husband. Kang Seong Yeon will play Gyung Gook Hee, a bright and valiant wife.
Along with the two, Kim Tae Yeon will play Lim Tae Ran who is a successful scenario writer who possesses both fortune and fame, she is considered an ideal female figure in today’s society, and Kim Nam Jin will play the college student, Seok Doo, who receives the love of many wives.

Kim Ho Jin as Heo Myung Pil,Kang Sung Yeon as Gyung Gook Hee,Kim Nam Jin as Park Seok Doo,Kim Tae Yeon as Im Tae Ran,

Extended Cast
Sa Kang as Nam Jang Mi,Kwon Yong Woon as Kim Man Suk (Jang Mi’s ex-husband),Lee Hye Eun as Kim Soo Duk,Im Dae Ho as Oh Bong Goo (Soo Duk’s husband),Eom Soo Jung as Lee Myeon-sil,Park Yong Ki as Kim Jo Han,Lee Jin

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