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Saturday, 30 June 2007


MBC 2005

Starring:Kim Joo-hee ~ Jung Hye Young,Yoon Suk-ki / Alex Yoon ~ Kim Sung Soo,Yang Ha-young ~ Han Go Eun

Life, it would seem, is all about choices. Even the smallest of decisions can effect your entire life. This is the theory proposed in Lawyers, the new hit K-drama series from MBC.
Kim Ju Hee (Jeong Hye Young) is a simple hard-working young woman. All she craves in life is happiness. She works hard as a secretary in a law firm, struggling to make Enough money for her sister's operation. Secretly, Ju Hee is in love with her boss, the honorable young lawyer Seo Jeong Ho (Kim Sang Kyeong). Alas, he is married, so Ju Hee suffices to be a diligent and hard-working secretary as her way of expressing her forbidden desires for him.
Suddenly, out of the blue comes Yoon Suk Ki (Kim Seong Soo), Ju Hee's ex-boyfriend who has become a mean and shameless man. His client is under investigation by Jeong Ho and now Ju Hee is forced to see him every day. But that suits fellow secretary Yang Ha Young (Han Go Eun) just fine - she is out to land herself a rich husband, and thinks Suk Ki might just fit the bill.

Good. As with "A Love To Kill" this drama was just a little too violent for me. It was good, but I prefer light-hearted dramas.

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