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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Spring Day, SBS 2005

Starring:Go Eun Sup ~ Jo In Sung,Go Eun Ho ~ Ji Jin Hee,Suh Jung Eun ~ Go Hyun Jung

Go Hyun Jung (Sandglass), one of the original Korean TV drama megastars, returns after a ten-year hiatus for the eagerly anticipated 2005 SBS mini-series Spring Days. With the combined star power of Go Hyun Jung, plus Ji Jin Hee (Dae Jang Geum, Love Letter) and Jo In Sung (Something Happened in Bali), Spring Days is definitely not your ordinary K-drama series!
Loosely adapted from the popular Japanese drama, Heaven’s Coins, Spring Days tells the gripping story of Suh Jung Eun (Go Hyun Jung), an elusive beauty who has suffered a trauma so great that she loses the will to speak. Koh Eun Ho (Ji Jin Hee) is the doctor who helps Jung Eun find a way to overcome her past. But just when her gratitude starts to blossom into love, fate cruelly intervenes, leaving Eun Ho in a coma.
At the hospital Jung Eun meets Eun Ho’s stepbrother Eun Sub (Jo In Sung), who is also a doctor. Despite his best intentions, Eun Sub finds himself powerless to resist Jung Eun. Latent rivalries and misunderstandings come to a boil as the two brothers vie for Jung Eun’s affection.
Featuring an all-star cast and a compelling story, Spring Days is a highly acclaimed 20-episode K-Drama for all seasons.

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